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Earth Day 2012

Earth Day 2012


On April 20, 2012, as temperatures rose, both the Cedar Crest College community and the surrounding community came out to celebrate Earth Day. Earth Day is globally known as the day to recognize the initiatives being made to improve environmental conditions globally. Earth Day 2012 served as the 42nd global effort to voice appreciation for the planet and urge for its protection.

Although Earth Day 2012 is officially April 22, Cedar Crest College jumpstarted the weekend with an official Earth Day celebration full of games, arts and crafts, face painting, and seed planting. The games included recyclable toss, Pin the Petal on the Flower, and many others. There were 11 tables that had different activities pertaining to the Earth.

Francheska Aquino, a freshman psychology major, volunteered to sit at one of the recyclable toss tables.

“I wanted to teach them recycling and things about the Earth. I always like to get involved,” Aquino said.

There were six models for the “Go Green” fashion show. Each of them modeled their fashion creations as CCC Radio played music. In addition to the fashion show, Triple C Step performed an impromptu step show.

The community also participated in celebrating Earth Day with an appearance by the Boys & Girls Club. Many professors participated as well, including John Cigliano, Amy Reese and their families. Acting Provost Elizabeth Meade even brought her family.

Parkhurst Dining also found a way to incorporate Earth Day into Cedar Crest’s food. On April 20, lunch was held outside on the patio of the Tompkins College Center, and Parkhurst served tacos, tortillas, hamburgers, and hot dogs.

Earth Day means “appreciating the world you live in,” said senior psychology major Stephanie Guillen. Lauren Jorgensen, a junior music major, said that it’s about “people trying to do things to help out the Earth.”

The Earth Day celebration rang through Cedar Crest College and the Allentown community on April 20. Both communities came together to participate in the festivities, awareness, and education about what it means to become environmentally friendly.


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