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From simple plumber to heroic dragon slayer

From simple plumber to heroic dragon slayer

KATEY DAUBLE, Opinions Editor

Video games have been a form of entertainment since I was a child. I thoroughly remember sitting back in my blown-up, pink bubble chair slipping a large plastic cartridge into the top of a square black box. Just as I would sit down to play Nintendo 64, I had to make sure I grabbed my specific controller. Mario Kart was one of my favorite games- the way I got to zoom around and pretend I was driving, the thirst for competition I got from the game, and the fun and excitement it allowed me to have while playing with my friends. I say Mario Kart to some of the younger kids I know now, and they don’t even know what I’m talking about.

What happened to the original games? Where did the life of video games today evolve from? I talk to kids on a daily basis and recognize that so many of the things that I loved and knew are now becoming ‘old’. Well, apparently I am too.

Video games aren’t just about the excitement and fun anymore or about making sure you get your controller before the game begins. Video games have turned into a whole new phenomenon that some people don’t even realize exists. You aren’t an animated silly character driving a car around, but you are the controller of a full out movie. There is an actual story-line to some of the video games that have been developed and it will keep a kid intrigued for months, rather than a couple of hours. “Skyrim”, for example, is one of the newest ‘open-world, open-combat’ video games. It’s fierce, it has adventure, it has a great storyline, and really allows the character, also known as YOU, to explore and define who you want to be in the video game. You have to make specific choices within the game that may lead you in another direction than someone else who is playing the same game. Ask me if I would have thought this would be the case for video games five years ago and I would have called you crazy.

I haven’t been a huge gamer since I was in my early teens, but now I’m starting to become a huge viewer. I watch others play this game and it’s like they’re watching an intense movie themselves. A matter of fact, I feel like I’m watching a movie when I watch the gamer play. The focus, determination, and intensity they display during the hours of playing this game are interesting to view as well as the video game itself. There are so many details in video games now, that I don’t know if I could even pick it up without playing it for days in a row. ecause of its intensity and excitement and the allowance that you’re the leader in how the story will play out makes it that much more addicting to play .

Video games have developed into so much more than I ever thought they could and it will only get more real and intense for the gamer as time goes on and technology continues to develop.


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