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Interview with Jade Abston of Eat Music, Taste Beats

Interview with Jade Abston of Eat Music, Taste Beats

NICOLE MAGLOIRE, Managing Editor

Senior Communication major Jade Abston recently hosted the launch party for her website Eat Music, Taste Beats. She took some time out of her busy schedule to sit down and do an exclusive interview with the Crestiad about her website and her future plans.

Where did the name “Eat Music, Taste Beats” come from?

The name came from just random words I was just playing around with and my love for music. When I listen to music I get really into the music and feel it.

What made you want to start a website?

I actually never thought about starting a website until Itook my New Media class with Dr. Yamaguchi. I have sharedmy ideas and information on many platforms such as radio,podcasts, etc. I decided that a website would be somethingthat I could take all of the content I have already producedand make new content and post it all in one place.

What made you focus on music and food instead of focusing on just one specifically?

I decided to focus on both because I just could not do one without the other. Both topics are the center of my whole life and I have such a great appreciation for food and music culture. It was easy to merge both because of the name and the logo really sells the idea.

How does this website factor into your plans for the future?

In the future I hope to expand the website and potentially make profits. Making money is the last thing on my mind; it would be nice, but I am more excited about just getting more readership. My biggest goal is to have more contributors for the site from managing, to writing, podcasts, and everything in between.

We’ve heard that you’re going to South Korea for the summer, how did you get involved with that? And will you continue updating your website while you’re in Korea?

Me going to South Korea was actually really random. Going abroad has been my dream, especially to any Asian country and Jenny Weatherford sold me on going to South Korea! After really researching about South Korea, I realized it was the perfect place for me because of how technologically advanced it is, Korean Pop/K-Pop, and of course the food.

What’s your favorite food and why?

My favorite food is cupcakes because they are just cute and fun to make and eat. I have always had a weird obsession with cupcakes.

Who is your favorite artist and why?

I have so many favorite artists, but I always answer with Childish Gambino, a.k.a. Donald Glover. I am not a huge rap fan, but he is very comedic and caught my attention from the beginning of his career before he was signed to a label. I just love that he is original, nerdy, and not afraid to be himself. He raps about real things he has dealt with, from being teased, not being accepted, about being black, and writing for the show 30 Rock. I also love many independent artists such as Gabe Bondoc and JR Aquino.

Do you have a bucket list? If so, what are some things on it that you would like to scratch off within the next two years?

I have two bucket lists one for during my undergraduate career and the second one for post graduation. I have crossed of many things on my first list, I have 2 weeks to finish the rest. But some things on my second list I would love to scratch off is to go backpacking in another country, go on tour with a band or musician, and I have met Donald Glover twice and got his autograph and he remembers me because of my hair, so I am hoping next time to take him out for drinks and chill with him.


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