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More blogs to read, follow, and love

More blogs to read, follow, and love

JESS BOLLUYT, Editor in Chief

Tomboy Style

Lizzie Garrett shares images of iconic tomboys from film and fashion, and posts regular Q&A’s with fabulous women who identify what lifestyles and attitudes make up tomboy style.

Fashion for Writers

Jenny Zhang, a poet and fiction writer who just published her first book, writes about travel, politics of fashion, and the adventure into thought, observation, and memory that is the life of a young writer.

A Beautiful Mess

Run by a great staff of editors and contributors, A Beautiful Mess combines home DIYs, outfit posts, hairstyling how-to’s, recipes, design inspiration, and more.

Letters of Note

Editor Shaun Usher compiles letters, postcards, telegrams, and memos by noteworthy figures such as Maurice Sendak, Jack London, and Stanley Kubrick.

Igor and Andre

Danny Roberts showcases his colorful illustrations on a site which has landed him collaborations with top names in fashion, media, and with his brother David, who also posts.


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