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Reality TV: Artifical living

Reality TV: Artificial living

CAROLINE BUCKNOR, Cedar Crest Student

Shows like 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom have made it seem like it’s okay to be young and pregnant.

These shows make it seem as if a young girl gets pregnant, she can become famous. I often wonder if these women had dreams and aspirations. I wonder if these women didn’t want to go further in life. Everyone is free to choose the path they would like to walk down but when such a thing is glorified, there’s a problem.

There are kids having kids and not giving themselves a chance to grow up. After they have children, they realize that raising a child is not as easy as it appeared to be in the beginning. Every one has a choice to make. It’s your body, but once it becomes a televised act, there’s a problem. That’s the problem with reality TV. There are young people on TV fighting, getting drunk, and being promiscuous. The focus is no longer on going to school and educating yourself; it’s more geared towards unhealthy drama. These shows make it seem like its fun to go around and misbehave. If we were to do a lot of those things in REAL life, there would be so many REAL consequences.

Shows like Basketball Wives, Mob Wives, Jersey Shore, and Bad Girls Club are present people especially women in such a negative light. Shows like Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant are portraying women as people who are catty, who get drunk, and fight over boys. They don’t show what’s going on in the lives of other women such as those that attend Cedar Crest College.

Many of us are striving in our respective fields to do what we love in order to make something out ourselves. We come from our different backgrounds to one place to learn and grow together. That’s true reality!


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