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Sports Talk with Stacy: April 26 2012

Sports Talk with Stacy: April 26 2012



If You Ink It

A lot of people love baseball, but some take it to a whole different level. A native from Pasco, Wash., Mike McWain, a baseball enthusiast decided to use his body as a way to display his love for the game. McWain had a field of dreams tattooed across his back, shoulders and arms. The ink, which features a number of baseball legends and other baseball-themed symbols, reportedly required more than 180 hours in a tattoo chair and cost about $10,000. McWain originally got his first baseball tattoo in 1997, and although he eventually knew what he wanted to accomplish, it took 11 years to complete the project for various reasons. This is a prime example of ridiculousness! That money could have been used for bills, a car or more important things than a tattoo of people he does not know.

Primetime Drama

Deion Sanders is involved in a divorce with his wife, Pilar, that has become nasty at times. Pilar has made some damaging accusations about her soon-to-be ex-husband, and Sanders has shot back. Things got really bad between them recently. On twitter, Sanders tweeted that his soon-to-be ex-wife and her friend “jumped” him in his room in front of their children and that he was pressing charges. He then tweeted that he and his two sons were filling out the police report, and posted a picture showing that they were doing so. What better way to gain sympathy in the courts than going public with your personal issues. Pilar was arrested for the alleged assault and booked for “assault family violence.”


It is starting to become very evident that Antonio Cromartie has less math ability that a kindergartner.

The Jets cornerback who declares himself a modern-day Noah, as he tries to repopulate the Earth all by himself, apparently hasn’t figured out how to make his $8 million dollar salary cover the child support for his 10, soon to be 12 children, and still be able to pay his bills. Cromartie bought a house with his mother for $135,000 and they went into foreclosure after missing more than $100,000 worth of payments. I guess he never made a single payment. I bet his decision about that reality television show is becoming more of an option now!


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