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Summer 2012 Olympics in London: Are you hyped? Is it important to you? What’s the excitement about? What’s the big deal?

Summer 2012 Olympics in London: Are you hyped? Is it important to you? What’s the excitement about? What’s the big deal?


As summer draws near so do the summer 2012 Olympics being held in London and with only 94 more days to go, everyone is getting excited for what is to come this Olympic season. All the athletes have been training for years in order to compete at this historical event that displays strength, agility, drive, and perseverance.

Throughout my lifetime, I have always been intrigued by the Olympics, because each athlete is in my eyes an artist telling a story through every swift kick or lunge. Every moment is one worth experiencing and I think that maintaining a tradition like the Olympics is what helps bring different cultures together; it connects us as one world.

It is sad to see just how much hatred there is in our world today, but for a few weeks we can put aside our differences and focus on the strengths of our athletes competing for not just any prize, but rather an honor symbolizing that they achieved greatness. The pride one sees on the medalist’s faces is priceless, because the feeling of reaching that goal, which is the greatest goal in life as an athlete, cannot be recreated or fabricated. It is pure and true.

No matter where a person is in the world, whether they are watching the games live or from the comfort of their living room, the excitement of a new Olympic season encompasses the earth. I feel that it helps us all forget our troubles and heartache as a nation and a people even if for a few hours each day. Each year the Olympics promise to be an event that we will never forget for years to come, and this year is no exception to that promise. I truly feel that the Olympics have kept us all connected as cultures and generations, because the world has been participating and celebrating the performances of great athletes since 778 B.C. ( Although they are no longer dedicated to the Olympic gods, they have withstood the test of time. So this year as you watch the games, think about where it all began and how great it has become in order to connect our world today and for many years to come.

The tradition will commence on July 24, 2012. Don’t miss out on any of the history making moments. For more information visit:


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