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The Lucky One comes to theatres

The Lucky One comes to theatres


The Lucky One hit theaters this past Friday, April 20th, with weekend earnings of $22,518,358 as stated on

Based upon the best selling novel by Nicholas Sparks, The Lucky One is a heartfelt story of a young Marine named 1st Sgt. Logan Thibault, played by Zac Efron. One day, while serving his third tour in Iraq he sees a shiny object, which turns out to be a picture of a beautiful young woman named Beth Clayton, played by Taylor Schilling. Making his way over to pick it up the post where he was previously standing is blown up. After his near death experience he is determined to find the young woman and thank her for saving his life. The film follows the journey that Logan takes and the relationship that comes out of the luck from a picture of a complete stranger turned lover. Every minute of the film draws the audience in and makes you feel as if you are experiencing every emotional twist and turn with the characters.

At first I was extremely excited about seeing this film, but I knew it would be an emotional experience for me since my boyfriend is a Marine. I was able to really connect to the characters, because I am experiencing what it is like to have someone you love in the military. I also found that the director did a great job re-creating a true deployment experience.

The characters also did a really great job becoming their characters. Zac Efron did an incredible job encompassing the emotion, characteristics, and mannerisms of a Marine who has gone through three tours in Iraq. You felt for him in so many ways, which made every moment seem that much more realistic and not at all staged.

Each actor truly became his or her character, which for me made the film feel that much less like a movie and more like what a reality show should be, because their emotions were so raw and natural. Granted this type of love story does not happen in real life, but if it did this is exactly how it should play-out.

Although I do not recommend this film for younger audiences, since there is language and some sexual content, those that are of age should definitely see it. The Lucky One is truly a memorable film that is our generation’s version of a beautiful love-story. This is a film worth experiencing firsthand.


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