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Two sides of the darkness: The Dark Knight Rises

Kyungmee Lee, Staff Writer

There are bunch of man-movies: Spider-Man, Iron Man, Superman, X-Men, etc…But why Batman? The answer is because Batman is Batman. To be honest, I did not like Batman. I had never seen any of Batman series before, and I had rather been indifferent to the series; after watching ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, however, I have changed.

Its running time was 165 minutes but I felt like time flew. All the scenes were flying through my head for a while, so I watched the previous movies.

The most memorable scene was when Bruce Wayne, the Batman (played by Christian Bale), succeeded in escaping from a foreign prison after training himself for five months. He almost died while trying to escape. Even though I had never experienced any near-death, his feelings totally seemed to come to me. Furthermore, his stubbornness and steadiness were impressive.

Behind the spectacular actions and the singular stories, there was a tragedy; this is so-called a ‘Batman’ massacre. A 24-year-old man, James Holmes, opened fire on the people indiscriminately in a theater of Aurora, Colorado. He had been a usual student before the crime and that was shocking for most people in July. As the rating is quite high, the movie is somewhat cruel and violent. This is what we have to consider. Those movies can be helpful to release stress, whereas they can be dangerous because it is possible to imprint aggressive scenes on people’s mind without perception. They should pay attention about those imprinting with young people who are not able to control themselves.

A righteous hero is needed for every society. That’s why those epic-tale movies have gotten spotlights in all ages. I believe there is a necessary evil. I also believe good always triumphs over evil. To combine them, even though there is a necessary evil, good can overcome it. With the memory of the deceased, I hope no more tragedy happens.


About Rachel

Rachel is a Senior English major with a Writing concentration and a Communication minor. She freelances on the side and recently wrote a mystery novel.

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