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Vegfest: The Healthiest Festival in Town

April Conway, Staff Writer

Fruits, Vegetables, Vegans, oh my! That was feeling experienced walking through Bethlehem’s 2nd Annual Vegfest.

Organized and hosted by the Downtown Bethlehem Association, Vegfest is a festival dedicated to bringing together vegetarian food, speakers, chefs, crafts, and exhibits,both educational and fun.

Don’t think that Vegfest is just for vegans and vegetarians. Vendors for animals, food, music, crafts, and healthy eating were all part of the  festival. It is more about having a good time than preaching vegetarianism.

Kasara McLaughlin, Downtown Bethlehem Association’s Assistant Manager, is passionate about the mission and goals of Vegfest.

“Yes, this is a promotion for the businesses in downtown Bethlehem, but the benefit of those who visit Vegfest is also a plus,” said McLaughlin

McLaughlin and the Downtown Bethlehem Association (DBA) want people of all ages to feel comfortable coming into the downtown area, and Vegfest is only the tip of the organization’s iceberg.

When asked what the biggest improvement, or most exciting change was to Vegfest this year, McLaughlin laughed and then pointed to the red and white tents across from her booth. The tents hold a new program “Veganize Me” which is part of YouANew Lifestyle Nutrition.

Kristen Bentson, creator of YouANew, has one goal in mind. She wants to “change people’s lives by changing their meals.” And she always has the individual in mind.

For Vegfest, “Veganize Me” challenged a meat-eating individual, and changed their diet to 100% vegan for an entire month. Bentson said that they want to show people how to “do vegan the right way.”

Jaime Shively, a craft vendor, can personally attest to the Vegfest lifestyle. . Shively has not only become a vegetarian herself, but she switched from using wool in her crafts to animal friendly alternatives.

So whether it was food, crafts, or fun times, Vegfest was  one festival that won’t be easily forgotten by festival goer’s minds or stomachs.


About Tori, RDN

Tori is a Registered Dietitian who has a taste for the quirkier things in life. Hobbies include experimenting in the kitchen and then admitting when she's probably made a mess in the process (there are only so many times someone will believe the dog did it). She lives to give food, and everything else in life, a personality. And loves to eat and appreciate all foods.

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