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New Graduate Hall Director for Butz and Curtis Halls

April Conway, Staff Writer

The transition between summer and fall can bring a lot of change. The weather is cooler, the leaves turn colors, and of course school is back in session. This year, however, the Cedar Crest community has made some changes to its Residence Life staff.

Beth Tucker is the new Graduate Hall Director of Butz and Curtis Halls for the upcoming academic year.

But Tucker is not new to Cedar Crest. She grew up in Allentown and had good friends from high school that attended college here. When asked about why she came to Cedar Crest, her answer was surprising.

Tucker “wanted to expand her horizons,” and liked the idea of a smaller college. After four years at Temple University she knew what a large school needed, but she wanted to learn more.

Tucker is ready for a hands on experience where she can help students, make living on campus a positive experience, and bring new ideas to the table.

An understandable adjustment she had to make, as she pointed out, was being on call and having her phone on her at all times.

“You live where you work, so you have to anticipate working at any time,” Tucker said.

Something new that the residents of Butz hall have discovered is that Tucker leaves the door to her apartment open. Tucker said that no one asked her to do this: she just did.

“One of my jobs is to be accessible,” she said in response.

She continued to explain that her apartment is in a very traveled part of Butz, so she did not want the students to feel awkward about it.

“There are less questions about it if they see that it is open,” Tucker said in relation to her door.

And her residents have noticed. Kaila Kleckner, a senior biochemistry major, cheerfully stated, “I’ve had a few interactions with her, and I love having her. She always has her door open when she’s in the building. It’s great to know that she’s so dedicated to her position.”

Tucker wanted to bring new ideas to Cedar Crest, and her open door policy seems to be a great start. It will be interesting to see what else this big school graduate can bring to our smaller campus as she continues her first year at Cedar Crest.


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