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Residence Life Changes Leave Students Displaced

April Conway, Staff Writer

Third floor Steinbright and Butz will be closed and under construction for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Cedar Crest students should be used to floor closings by now. For the past two years, a floor in Moore hall has been closed for construction. This year will be no different, except that it is not Moore hall, and it is not just one floor.

As announced last year, Butz and Steinbright halls have both closed their third floors. When asked about how this decision came to be, Kelly Steinmetz, the Director of Residence Life, said it was a joint decision between Facilities and Residence Life.

Closing the floors allows residence life to “continue to provide a quality residence hall and for facilities to maintain that quality in the hall.”

Though many Cedar Crest students leave campus for the summer, classes, reunions, internships, and programs with Dorney Park would make it difficult for work to be done on the halls during this time.

But closings and construction are not the only changes we will see to the residence halls this year. There is a new hall on the block, and its name is Burtis. Instead of Moore and Curtis halls being connected, Curtis will be joined with Butz hall.

This union did not occur without some forethought. Residence Life looked at several hall combinations before deciding on what needed to be done. One factor being the number of Resident Advisors needed for each hall and their on-call schedules. Three RAs in Butz Hall is adequate for the number of students in the hall, but three RAs would not be able to cover the seven day on-call schedule without difficulty.

So the three RAs of Butz added to the two RAs of Curtis equaled the perfect solution—Burtis.

But are all these changes the perfect solution for students? Incoming students may not notice the difference, but upperclassmen are feeling the change.

Jess LeBel, a senior social work major, has lived on Steinbright’s third floor for the past three years and noted the lack of warning students received.

“It was unfair that there was not a more timely notification, so that students would be able to make adjustments to their living arrangements,” LeBel said.

Roommates Daniella Mendez and Tiandra Allen, both senior chemistry majors, were unhappy with the closing in Butz. “Between third floor closing and all the LLCs,” Mendez began, “we did not get the room we wanted. There was poor planning in that aspect.”

Change is never easy, and although these closings may have caused some adjustments in the halls, the positives of the situation outweigh the negatives. Floors are able to focus more on a sense of community, more activities can be planned, and with maintenance finally completed the college can offer its facilities to benefit not only its students but the community as well.

“Ultimately,” Kelly Steinmetz stated, “our goal in Residence Life is to provide a safe and comfortable living environment where students can have fun, learn, and grow.”


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