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Rocking out with Sublime with Rome at Musikfest

Photo: creative commons license

Kristi Young, Staff Writer

Musikfest hosted Sublime with Rome at the Steel Stacks this summer on Aug. 4. There was a lot of hype in the Lehigh Valley over the concert, and it lived up to its expectations, while the weather stayed nice for an outside concert.

Not only did the lead singer, Rome Ramirez, rock out his vocals but the band was in total synchronization with him. They were more than just sounding good live: their performance was even better live.

The crowd was totally into the music as well. All around me people were moving and dancing to their own beats. The crowd could not get enough of it.

Energy around the stage was high and the crowd was feeding off the music as Rome fed off the crowd. He got so excited at the end of one song that he slammed his guitar on the ground and walked away to take a break. The guitar bounced off the ground and played a couple of notes from the vibrations. After Rome’s water break he picked up the guitar and still played with it as though he never threw it in the first place.

Sublime did not let down for the encore. After throwing his guitar again, Rome joined Sublime for not just one encore song but three songs. The crowd was yelling “one more, one more,” and Rome came back to the stage and said, “Say one more, I have three more.” The crowd then roared with excitement and started to cheer as he played his last songs. Everyone sang along with all the songs and continued to dance and enjoy themselves as if the band never left the stage.

The encore songs came to an end and Rome dropped his guitar to the ground again and kicked it, playing some stray notes. He then left the stage without picking up his guitar.

After attending this concert and experiencing the never ending good feeling of being there, I would take any opportunity go to see them again, and so, too, would the roaring crowd members.

If you have never seen a Sublime with Rome concert and are a fan, I highly suggest getting out there to see one. The music is even better live than listening to it on the radio or on an iPod. Plus, the liveliness of the concert leaves you wanting more.

The concert was one of those nights that I’ll never forget, and I was lucky enough to have seen it here in my own backyard at Musikfest.     


About Rachel

Rachel is a Senior English major with a Writing concentration and a Communication minor. She freelances on the side and recently wrote a mystery novel.

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