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Ever Wonder What Color Wonder Woman Is? P!nk.

April Conway and Kristi Young, Staff Writers

It is hard for women in this age to find a positive role model in the public spot-light. Just when you think you have found someone, a scandal pops up … and everything you thought you knew flies out the window.

But one female artist who has consistently remained in the hearts of many women is Pink, the outrageous, in your face, pop-rock artist who has been stealing the stage since her first album in 1995.

I would like to think of her as a modern day “Wonder Woman”.

Born Alecia Beth Mooreto, to a middle-class family in a town an hour outside of Philadelphia, PA, Pink’s childhood was not a normal one. She never fit in, and wanted nothing more than to get out of her town.

And get out of her town she did.

At 16 years old Pink signed with her first Label, and the rest was history. 5 albums, most platinum from the sales, a beautiful baby, countless Primetime appearances, and a list of charities a mile long Pink has come a long way from that small town outside of Philadelphia.

One achievement that stands out to me is her newly appointed spokes model position for CoverGirl Cosmetics.

Image always seems to be such an important thing, but not everyone is born comfortable in their own skin. Having such a rock-out-loud, and confident person such as Pink represent a product that is primarily targeted to younger women is a smart move.

Not only will it sell their product … it might actually be beneficial for women. Because confidence is not just something that sells, it is infectious too.

And we all know how confident Pink is.

I am not saying that she has not had her media covered up’s and down’s, but if there is one female artist who can touch the lives of young girls with a single line of lyrics, or by representing a cosmetics brand, it is Pink.


About Tori Kuebler MS, RDN, LDN

Tori is a Registered Dietitian who has a taste for the quirkier things in life. Hobbies include experimenting in the kitchen and then admitting when she's probably made a mess in the process (there are only so many times someone will believe the dog did it). She lives to give food, and everything else in life, a personality. And loves to eat and appreciate all foods.

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