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Is The iPhone 5 To Die For?

April Conway, Staff Writer

If asked about popular fads in the United States, most people will likely list an Apple product, including smartphones. In accordance with Apple’s constant release of new products, the iPhone 5 is set to come out later this month, only a year after the release of the iPhone 4s. 

 But is this upgraded phone worth the hype?

Members of the Cedar Crest community seem to be in agreement, where they see one reoccurring theme. The iPhone 5 is great, but it may have been too soon to release a phone after the big improvements seen by the iPhone 4s.

Amy Folk, a Sophomore Global Studies major, stated “I am excited for the iPhone 5, and I want one, but with the prices … I am good with my iPhone 4.”

 According to the Apple website, the biggest visual change with the new iPhone is its shape. The iPhone 5 is longer, thinner, and weighs about an ounce less than the iPhone 4s. And with these new dimensions, comes a new screen. The iPhone5 now contains a 4-inch screen compared to the 3.5-inch screen of previous models.

 The inside of the phone contains typical upgrades. A different SIM Card, an increase in FaceTime and battery life, and the camera/recording features are pretty much the same.

Something that does not sit right with some future consumers is the connector cable for the device. Apple changed the connector to a slimmer version of the 30-pin cable called the Lightning. This means this connector cable can only be used for the iPhone 5. Unless of course you purchase the adaptor for the phone, which allows older devices to utilize the Lightning cable, for an additional cost. So with some new changes, and more Americans being hooked to Apple products everyday, the iPhone 5 seems to be in great shape.

 But why buy the iPhone 5, when you can get the iPhone 4s for so much cheaper?

 “I use my iPad Touch for everything,” said Jessica Laureano, senior early childhood eduction major, “but if I wanted one [an iPhone], I would get whatever I could afford. It doesn’t matter which version.”

 For someone who does not own an iPhone, Amanda Collier, a Nursing student for the Class of 2015, took a blunt approach to the question. “I think they are making it seem like something it is not. I don’t think there are going to be enough new features on it. The iPhone 4s had already made some big changes.”

Another problem that may halt some progression in the iPhone’s sales is the price. Though the iPhone 5 costs as much as the iPhone 4s did when it was released, the announcement of the new phone drove down the cost of the previous model.

It is hard to say that the iPhone 5 will fail. Apple brings brilliant marketing strategies wherever they go. But with the new iPhone unveiled and ready to be purchased, America is probably sitting back and waiting for what Apple will do next.


About Tori Kuebler MS, RDN, LDN

Tori is a Registered Dietitian who has a taste for the quirkier things in life. Hobbies include experimenting in the kitchen and then admitting when she's probably made a mess in the process (there are only so many times someone will believe the dog did it). She lives to give food, and everything else in life, a personality. And loves to eat and appreciate all foods.

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