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OrgSync: Facebook of Cedar Crest

Victoria Kuebler, Managing Editor

Office of Student Activities (OSA) implemented a new social media system, OrgSync, at the beginning of the semester in hopes of having better organizational control over clubs and organizations.

Each semester, clubs and organizations are responsible for submitting tons of paperwork that needs to be completed, including constitutions, room reservations, and flyers to be approved to OSA. OSA was also responsible for frequently sending out emails announcing club and organization activities going around campus. In the last couple of years, different methods have been used to cut down on the amount of paperwork, like by having online room reservation forms and reduce the frequency of emails by sending out the Falcon Flyer only twice a week.

According to Tammy Bean, director of community service, even with the changes, there is still a lot of paper work to sort through coming into the OSA office and finds that students are reading the entire Falcon Flyer because it is too long. She thinks that OrgSync is going to be the answer to these problems and hopes to eventually eliminate both paper trails and the Falcon Flyer.

“Hopefully, OrgSync will be used as a first method of how we can spread information throughout the campus,” said Bean.

“OrgSync will provide the campus community with the most up to date information on all the exciting things happening on campus and in the community,” said Bean.

OrgSync isn’t just for an organizational benefit on an administrative side or for clubs and organizations. OSA has encouraged all students, both those who are a part of clubs and organizations and those who are not, to sign up for OrgSync.

So what is OrgSync? According to the OrgSync website, this social media outlet is specifically designed for college campuses, which “creates an online community for your campus, and helps units across your institution improve communication, information sharing, collaboration and reporting with an online tool students want to use.”

OrgSync has similar qualities to a Facebook page, but with a more campus community orientated purpose. Students are able to set a profile picture and change settings to filter in information from specified clubs and organizations. According to Bean, one advantage of clubs and organizations using OrgSync is the ability to archive.

“In the past, clubs have lost information because positions get pasted from student to student,” said Bean, “All the information is done within OrgSync, so it’ll make it a lot easier on the data part.”

While students are still using traditional paperwork and the Falcon Flyer is still being sent out, students have already been introduced to OrgSync. Training sessions were held at the beginning of the semester with a OrgSync representative, Megan Petter, to make sure the students who attended the sessions were learning as much as they could in the hour span. According to Potter, she believes that OrgSync is going to be super successful at Cedar Crest.

“I’ve worked with large campuses and saw it work well,” said Petter, “which makes me believe it will work well at a smaller campus. OrgSync can be particularly helpful for small institutions and it becomes a common language across campus.”

At the moment, students who have been using the program for the last couple weeks seem to be pretty split on OrgSync. Some students absolutely love that it is now going to be integrated into student life, while other students are not having any luck using the new system.

“I like that it combines all of the clubs and organizations together, making it easier for new and returning students to find clubs that match their interests,” said Sarah Haas, senior chemistry major.

Carly Athanasantos, junior social work major, is highly involved on campus, including being Class of 2014 President, working in the Lutz Center and is a resident advisor. She feels that OrgSync is just another hassle in her day.

“As someone who is highly involved on campus, I think OrgSync is just another thing we have to check and another stressor. We have emails, Facebook events, general face to face contact and now this on top of it and I don’t like it,” said Athanasantos.

For other students, the problem with OrgSync is more technological.

“OrgSync is not always accessible to me and I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to do,” said Liza Feltimo, senior nutrition major and Student Dietetic Association secretary, “Facebook and email are very clear and as an administrator for a club, I find it difficult to use. I don’t think that it’s fair that [SGA] isn’t releasing our funds until we finish all this OrgSync stuff.”

Whether students love it or hate it, it seems that OrgSync is here for the time being. For those students who are having issues using the system, OSA is training on campus students to be part of a “OrgSync Geek Squad” according to Bean. For the time being, there is 24 hour help offered through the OrgSync company.


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