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Football Lingerie League Sexualizes Women

by April Conway, Staff Writer

The Lingerie Football League was founded in 2003 by Mitch Mortaza, but its first official season did not kickoff until 2009. And the title suggests exactly what you are thinking. The women play in shoulder pads, a hockey-looking helmet, knee pads, gloves, and of course lingerie.

And no doubt that these women are fit, healthy, and beautiful … but how can these images of women be good for those following in their footsteps? The first problem is that this league was started by a man. You really cannot get anymore stereotypical than that.

The second is that these women actually play in lingerie. It is degrading. Their male counterparts do not have to play in speedos.

I am happy that women are starting to get more recognition in sports, but why do their images always have to be sexualized in order to maintain popularity. Would this sport be any less popular if the players wore more of a shirt? Probably not, but why can that not be an option? Liz Gorman of the Tampa Breeze said that “women’s sports are evolving”, and that the lingerie uniforms may soon make way to something less revealing. She made the reference to how women’s basketball players used to wear skirts, and now they wear longer shorts.

But the change in uniform of young, good looking women playing football may not be as easy as Gorman thinks it will be. Women may not stand for the lingerie, but men will not pay for the change.


About Tori Kuebler

Tori is a technically dietitian, however please don't confuse this as having a badge stating "Food Police." Tori likes to focus on "all foods fit" and un-complicating the world's complicated relationship with food (so more like "Food Therapist" than "Food Police"?). Hopefully you find humor in her writing and a spark to go out into the world and let your tastebuds lead the way.

One comment on “Football Lingerie League Sexualizes Women

  1. Robert Boyers
    October 8, 2012

    It’s true I started watching LFL for the curosity of it. I still watch but because of the game it self. All the ladies are true athletes& can play. I can safely say I would still watch even if the uniforms became less revealing. My hat goes off for all the ladies keep up the good work.


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