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Healthy U Presents 30 Day Cardio and Strength Incentive

by Kristi Young, Staff Writer

Healthy U is running their 30 day Cardio and Strength Incentive which started September 17th to motivate students to participate in more cardio and strength activities. Students, faculty and staff still have the chance to participate in the program, as it runs until October 16th.

The program has been going on for two years now. The amount of participants so far this year have been exceedingly high explained Healthy U coordinators, Emily Bergey, senior nutrition major and Becca Lowe, senior social work.

“The Cardio and Strength Incentive Programs allows individuals to increase their cardio while also completing strength training through the Fitness Center’s specialized program called ActivTrax,” said Bergey.

The cardio is not as intense as it may sound; it can be as simple as walking. The idea is, the participants would do their cardio, walk for thirty minutes, and then they would mark that in the calendar provided.

They described the program as an enjoyable way to get a full body work out while winning awesome prizes. The prizes vary from different levels depending on how much you participate. At the end of the 30 days participants, hand in their calendar to the Fitness Center to receive their prizes. “The prizes have different levels and get cooler the more you participate,” said Bergey. This program is manageable for all students.

It will easily fit in the schedules of the athletes because it goes along with their ActivTrax plan. Their workouts for ActivTrax can count for the program.

Commuters are not always on campus which is why this is an ideal program for them to get involved in. The hours that you put in on cardio and strength can be done anywhere, not just on campus.

“This is a good program because it lets me stay in shape”, Jennifer Ortega, freshman nursing major, said. She also pointed out that she was getting sore, so she felt that the program was working. The program is also an incentive for any college student to avoid stressful weight gain.

“I didn’t want freshman 15”, Adri Palomino, freshman Biology major, pointed out. “Zumba is exciting and haven’t missed a day yet.” This is one of the ways Adri gets her cardio in. This is a good program for students because it keeps them motivated and having fun while working out. They get their exercise time in with her friends so it does not seem like a work out to them.

Healthy U holds other events throughout the year, like the triathlon and the 30 Day Fitness Challenge in the spring.


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