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CCC Recognizes Leadership at Launch

by April Conway, Staff Writer

The Leadership Launch this past Thursday night was a great way to introduce student leaders, and the concept of leadership, to the campus. Though the company was small, the messages heard could not have been bigger.

Hosted by the Office of Leadership and Student Development, the second annual launch held in the main lounge of Blaney Hall featured students.

Cynthia Fulford, the executive director of leadership and student development and the director of student activities, recognized all campus leaders.

“It is in honor and appreciation of those non-elected leaders on campus: orientation leaders, resident advisors, conference service assistants, ambassadors, and hostesses are only some examples of the groups recognized here,” Fulford said.

Kaitlin Oswald, a senior majoring in neuroscience and psychology, was one of the opening speakers at the launch.

As an active member on campus, Oswald has taken the lead in First Book, the GED program, in Alpha Phi Omega, and as a resident advisor.

Oswald’s speech included how a leader should be able to lead by example and should not be afraid of taking chances.

The keynote speaker for the event agreed with both of these statements.

Jaime Karpovich, an alumna from the class of 2005 and a communications major, is a vegan, a blogger, a chef, and a person who emulates leadership. She also was very active in her undergraduate years at Cedar Crest. Two of the many organizations she was involved with included OutThere and FADED.

Her blog, “Save the Kales,” is about cooking, community, and compassion for others and ourselves. She has recipes, videos, books, blogs, art, and insight.

Karpovich’s vision for emerging leadership was clear: “If you want to make a difference, find a way. If you can’t find one, make one.”

The first step to make these differences is to network with those who already know how. Appropriately then, the second half of the leadership launch was a meet and greet of the fellow leaders on campus.

Students were welcome to eat and discuss with leaders from Residence Life, the Alumnae Affairs office, and the Office of Leadership and Student Development.

As a sophomore psychology and social work major, Maria Vincent was happy to attend the leadership launch.

“I feel it was a great way to be introduced to the leaders on campus,” Vincent said.

She continued to express her delight at the keynote speaker. Vincent thought that Karpovich had the perfect message for leaders at Cedar Crest. She happened to be in the same position as a former graduate.

When asked about leadership on campus, Vincent stated her words carefully.

“Leadership isn’t something for everyone. You have to put your whole self into it. But if you choose leadership,” Vincent said, “it is rewarding.”


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