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CCC Soccer Wins First CSAC Game

by Victoria Kuebler, Managing Editor

The sunny yet windy September 18 afternoon provided ideal conditions for the Cedar Crest Falcons to face-off at home against the Keystone Giants in their first CSAC game of the season.

With a rocky start to the season, by losing their first two games, the Falcons were on a three game winning streak. The Giants were the first CSAC team the Falcons faced this season.

The Falcons were sharp as they warmed up a half an hour before the game. There was a slight tension in the air as player from each team stayed evenly divided, careful not to cross the invisible wall distinguished by the white mid-field line.

The focus on the game was obviously clear when Head Coach Nicole Pietrobon wouldn’t give a direct quote on her hopes for the team by stating “I can’t. I’m in game mode,” showing a strong dedication to the mentality of coaching her team to a fourth in a row win.

Throughout the game, players on and off the field stayed focused and yelled instructions to the other players. The most prominent on field player instructing others was goalie Danielle Mendez. Mendez’s swift skills saved all of the six goals that the Giants attempted.

The first and only goal of the game was scored by Courtney Long in the first half, assisted by Samantha Huey. Later in the second half, Long suffered an ankle injury and was taken out for the rest of the game, but not without leaving her mark. Long’s one goal was responsible for the Falcons winning their first conference game.

“I’m happy we won the game,” said Long, “Our goal is to make a mark in our conference. This season, we’re certainly on the right track by winning our first conference game of the season.”

For Mendez, as well as other seniors on the field participating in their last soccer season at Cedar Crest, the beginning of this season leaves hopes for leaving a legacy.

“[Winning] is a wonderful feeling,” said Mendez, “I play because I love the sport and to show what Cedar Crest has to offer is amazing.”

Through Pietrobon has been coaching for the last several seasons at Cedar Crest, this was her first conference win.

“It feels pretty amazing, considering it’s our first conference game and [Giants] are a tough team,” said Peitrobon, “It’s a great feeling knowing that we won.”

The Falcons next conference game is away on Wednesday, October 3 against Neumann University.



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