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Laugh Your Stress Away!

by Kristi Young, Staff Writer

Stress is building up as the academic school year continues. Many people relieve their stress through exercise and relaxation.

Sometimes though, exercise and just relaxing is just not enough.

What is a good way to naturally relieve stress? Laughing!

Stress can be melted in an easy fashion that might not even be recognized.  Television shows such as Impractical Jokers, Ridiculousness, and Who’s Line is it anyway are good ways to laugh your stress away.

The shows are rated on a scale of one to five laughs, one being the least laughs and five being the most laughs.

Impractical Jokers is a comedy television show that is an enjoyable way for me and many others to relieve our stress.

This show airs on TruTv Thursday nights at 10 P.M. The show is a group of friends who dare each other to do crazy challenges. The losers of the challenges have to do an embarrassing performance after their loss.

The four friends; Joe, Q, Murr, and Sal, are lifelong friends who are not tempted to cross boundaries just to make each other laugh.

Better yet, they make their audience laugh more.

This show gets five laughs.

Ridiculousness is a show on MTV that is a bunch of clips taken from the computer and played for viewers’ enjoyment.

The show then analyzes the clip and plays them in slow motion to point out funny things that was missed the first time around.

This show gets 3 laughs.

Who’s Line is it anyway is a an older show that plays reruns on ABC Family at night.

This show is based on improvisation. They actors have to act out scenes on the top of their heads.

Throughout the show they have to do different improvisation scenes. At a point in the show, they use props to help act out what they are trying to portray. Another point in the show they have to make up a song on the top of their heads.

This is a difficult thing to do and is done very well and comically in this show.

This show gets five laughs.

Next time you are stressed and need to lighten up, just turn on the television and look out for one of these shows.


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