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New Monthly Payment Program Upsets Students

by April Conway, Staff Writer

Fall is the season for changes, and changes have come to Cedar Crest.

One of the big changes that will affect all students with on-campus jobs is the new pay system that the college has switched to. Students will now be paid monthly instead of bi-weekly, and all hours will be tracked with an online time clock system.

With monthly payrolls becoming more common on college campuses, the administration and president of the college made the final decision to change the bi-weekly payroll to monthly.

Heather Hartner, the compensation manager at Cedar Crest, expressed that with the staff reductions in human resources, operations had to change in order to efficiently provide services for the entire campus.

“As a result, in an effort to keep the number of payrolls to a manageable level and consistent with the majority of the current staff, student campus employment and work study were combined to a monthly payroll,” Hartner said.

Though these changes may benefit the financial office at Cedar Crest, there have been mixed reviews from the student workers.

Rebecca Pandone, a senior majoring in communication and theater, expressed an opinion shared by many students on campus.

“I am not happy about [monthly pay]. As a college student we need money every two weeks to fill up our cars, to get groceries, and to take care of ourselves,” Pandone said.  “I’m not crazy about the new computer clock in/out system either.”

Pandone pointed out that with her double major, she is constantly running around and does not have the time to clock in and out of the system.

With the previous paper tracking system, there was an honor code. Cedar Crest trusted that students were writing down the correct times and that other workers would confirm those times if need be.

“You cannot do that with a computer because then you look like you’re trying to cheat the system,” said Pandone.

Even though both changes are under heavy fire from students, the pros for the online time clock system seem to outweigh the cons.

The online system reduces Cedar Crest’s carbon footprint, makes sure that hours worked are paid in a timely manner, eliminates late time sheets, and reduces the possibility of errors.

Jennifer Wen, a junior nursing major, has two on-campus jobs and likes the new hour tracking system.

“With the way our generation is inventing newer ways to work and depend on technology, the time clock is highly efficient and beneficial,” Wen said.

She went on to say that the new system is eco-friendly, allows student hours to be clocked in during work and confirmed by supervisors on the same day, and allows everyone to see that the employment positions are being used to their fullest.

With strong opinions on both sides of the new payment and time clock systems, students will have to wait to see how these new changes unfold for the Cedar Crest community.


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