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Psychology Professor’s Published Contribution to Field

by April Conway, Staff Writer

As an undergraduate student, Micah Sadigh, a professor of psychology at Cedar Crest, used one particular book for a psychophysiological technique that he was studying. Unfortunately, the book was a German to English translation. And because of that, Sadigh said that he would one day write a book that would explain this information more clearly.

He was able to fulfill that dream.

Over the summer, MacFarland press published the second edition of “Autogenic Training: A Mind-Body Approach to the treatment of Chronic Pain and Stress Related Disorders.”

The second edition, published 10 years after the first, is 40,000 words longer, contains a question and answer section, and has four more chapters. The book is, as Sadigh said, more complete.

The book was written for professionals or for those going into the field. It is to be looked at as a type of textbook.

Sadigh stated that he wanted make it seem as though he were “almost right there with [the reader] … guiding them through the technique.”

And this urge to guide people, to help people, and to continue writing never stops for Sadigh.

Sadigh enjoyed being published again and is already working on his next book. His second book was published under a new publishing house, one that aligned more with his vision.

“Publishers have a way of changing your work,” Sadigh said.

Additionally, Sadigh wanted to go somewhere where books would be made based on their scholarly value, not just to make the book popular and sellable. After all, this book was seen more as a text, and MacFarland is a publisher of academic and scholarly books.

This new edition contains new chapters and more case studies, but nothing meant more to Sadigh than his input to the psychophysiological technique.

“Scholarship is not about a person, but it’s about their contribution to the field—to science, to art, to the discipline,” Sadigh said.


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