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YouTube Trending Videos!

by Dana Barzana, columnist

  1. Gangnam Style

It should not be a surprise that this music video is on this list. Not only did it just beat the Guinness World Record as being the most liked video on Youtube, it is also the #1 song on itunes in 31 different countries! If you have not seen this video or even heard the song yet, I suggest you do because it is definitely worth it. The randomness and quirkiness of the music video makes it fun to watch and even the dance is fun to do. If you are not a part of the gangnam craze then it is about time that you are!

  1. Bad Lip Reading

These are videos to watch if you want a quick laugh. What they do is read the lips of movie characters or anyone else and they speak over them. The funny part is whatever they say over them, it looks like the character is saying it. One of my favorites is the twilight one because it is just random but it is hilarious because of what they would make Bella and Edward say to eachother. It is a little hard to explain these videos but they are funny and worth watching.

  1. Deadpool vs. Gangnam Style

Ever since Gangnam style became popular on youtube, many people have been making parodies and remakes of the music video. This video has to be my favorite of all the ones I have seen. It includes deadpool, optimus prime, and bane dancing to gangnam style so there isn’t much to not like about it. The great part about it is the way everyone they encounter in the video either ignore them or join in!

  1. How to lose a girl in 10 ways

This is one of those videos that can make you subscribe to the channel. This video shows 10 ways to lose a girl, but of course the guy in the video over exaggerates all 10 ways but that is what makes it funny. This is only one of the many funny and silly videos that the DOMINICshow makes and if you enjoy this one then you should check out the rest of his videos.

  1. Clenching my booty

This video is a parody of Justin Bieber’s new song as long as you love me and it is hilarious. NigaHiga does the perfect reenactment of the music video and this is just a funny video to watch to get a good laugh. It is pretty gross because he is singing about, well clenching his booty, but I think this video is worth watching, especially if you are not a fan of the original song because it makes fun of it pretty well.



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