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Coach’s Corner: Field Hockey Coach Cindy Joseph

By Kristi Young, Staff Writer

This week’s spotlight is on head field hockey and lacrosse coach, Cindy Joseph.

The field hockey team’s record is 3-4 and Joseph thinks that the girls are off to a strong start. Despite their losses, Joseph has every intention in pushing the girls to do their best.

After the field hockey’s loss last week, it put Coach Joseph in a fighting spirit.

Many of the players gathered in her office the next day to talk about their loss. They all sat on the floor and looked up to Coach Joseph as they talked about how they can improve their game.

Joseph kept saying that their record was 3-5 but the players had to keep correcting her. Joseph was so upset about their loss she kept counting it as two losses.

Even though Coach Joseph was upset about their loss she looks at it as practice for the conference games. She likes to use the non-conference games to improve on the team’s weak points.

“I have two goals for the athletes. First goal is to put forth 70 minutes of hockey and second goal is to place higher in the conference”, Joseph said.

And the players are just adamant about improving their outcome this season.

“Our goal is to do well in the conference. We’re a really strong team but we have to apply our skills and play together,” said Jessica Millar, senior defender.

It appears to Coach Joseph that the players seem to let up in the second half of the game. She would really like to see the girls drive through all 70 minutes.

She also stresses that their ultimate goal is to do well in the conference games. She hopes that the team beats their previous placement of 7th in the conference games.

“We have shown massive improvement already this year with the girls we have, and the goals are very attainable”, Coach Joseph said with a smile on her face.

So what makes this season different from the others?

“We play really well together, better than other years with the talent that we have on the team this year,” said Becca Lowe, senior center back.

As the players sit and listen to their coach talk about their playing, it is obvious that Coach Joseph is there for them and truly wants to see these girls do their best.

The players may have been upset that day, but with the leadership and coaching of Coach Joseph, the team should have many more wins this season.


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