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Faculty Spotlight: Pat Badt

By Melody Nyoni, Staff Writer

Pat Badt, a professor of art at Cedar Crest, has a book entitled “Swatches of Memory” that will be on exhibit at the Allens Lane Art Center in Philadelphia through Oct. 27.

The exhibit called “Artist Books: Creative Structures” is held in conjunction with the Philadelphia Center for the Book in order to highlight book artists in this region.

“It’s like a memoir, a construction of real experiences,” said Badt about her book which has swatches of different colors on the pages. “I stick the swatches on the page then paint on the other side,” she said.

The colors she chose represent something in her life. For example, the green page is “pesto—pasta sauce: I grow basil in my garden.”

Badt began working on the project in the fall of 2011 while on sabbatical. The project took her eight months to complete, and she submitted it to the Allens Lane Art Center via application. As part of a juried show, art is only shown if it is accepted by a jury.

The Allens Lane Art Center was founded in 1953 by residents of Mt. Airy who wanted to dissipate racial tension in the community through art. They felt that the arts would be a way to bring people together, foster the youth’s creative energy, and build self-esteem. Those goals are still being met with the support of the region’s artists.

Badt’s work has been favorably received by viewers who resonate with the themes she expressed.

“They bring their own experiences to the art; I’ve received feedback via Facebook, my blog and from artist friends,” Badt said.

Pat Badt has been an art professor at Cedar Crest for over 20 years. In addition to teaching, advising, and mentoring, she has had many exhibits and has highlighted some of her work in Cedar Crest’s own Lachaise Gallery alongside other faculty members. The gallery is accessible to all students and faculty to view the work. Currently, her paintings are part of the “Part Time, Full Time, All the Time” exhibit in the gallery located in the Miller Family Building.

Having a professor who is actively involved in the art field must be a great motivator for the art majors at Cedar Crest who might aspire to reach the same level of success. Badt constantly creates and works on projects and offers suggestions to the students who want to be successful in the art world.

“Work. I work every day. Really getting your studio practice going, that’s the first thing,” Badt said.

To see more of her work please go to


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