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Store review: High Five For Five Below

By Jennifer Glose, Business Manager

With a name like Five Below, I was sure I was entering into another, same old, discount store.  But, not so fast!

Instead, as soon as I stepped foot through the doorway, Yankees memorabilia was staring me right in the face, and funky, fuzzy slippers caught my eye in the distance.  My frame of mind instantly changed and instead of fulfilling my normal, boring shopping duties that day, fun was about to be had!

Any store that has items ranging from $1-$5 is right up my alley!!  Sure, dollar stores are great, too, but Five Below has so many more quality options.  They even have some name brand items, like Crayola and Lego, which make great prizes for my kids and also add to my school supply collection!  They also have the coolest iron on tee-shirts!

We all know that college can put a toll on spending money, so if you are looking to dress up your dorm room to get in the Halloween spirit, they have awesome decorations, from fluorescent spider webs to gigantic hairy spiders!

Having a movie night with your friends?  Five below has great movies for only $5.  I picked up the Notebook and loved it!  I don’t get much time to make it to the theater, so these movies are super convenient and great on the wallet.  I even grabbed a bunch of candy and snacks at Five Below, to munch on while I watched my new movie.

When Christmas comes around, Five Below is the best place to find the greatest stocking stuffers. Wild socks, cool gloves, and hip lip gloss and nailpolish, are just some of the tons of options.

If you are looking for a little something special to give to your best friend, your boyfriend, or your children, you will be sure to find an awesome gift.

So, I give Five Below a high five, for having the best prices and the best selection of everyday stuff, but most importantly, for being an incredibly fun place to shop!

Oh, you may be wondering if I ever get anything for myself at Five Below, and the answer is….but, of course!  I am actually sporting my new fuzzy pajama shorts and slippers, and don’t forget the Yankees earbuds that I just could not resist!!!

Five Below store locations near Cedar Crest College:

Whitehall-2631 MacArthur Rd (Next to Burlington Coat Factory)

Allentown-928 Airport Center Drive (Near A.C. Moore)


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