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Cedar Crest College Celebrates International Education Week

by Melody Nyoni, Staff Writer

The Office of Global Initiatives and International Programs elaborately put together plans for the celebration of International Education Week (IEW).

The IEW, a joint project of the Department of State and Department of Education, was first held in 2000. Their core mission as stated on their website is, “…to promote international understanding and build support for international educational exchange by encouraging the development of programs to prepare Americans to live and work in a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study in the United States.”

IEW is held the third week of November, but Jenny Weatherford, director of Global Initiatives and International Programs, decided to move it to October in order to coordinate it with Freshman Year Experience’s global-oriented lecture by author Kelsey Timmerman. She also mentioned that it would have been difficult in November with students preparing for Thanksgiving break.

The week was kicked off on Thursday Oct. 11 with a lecture by Kelsey Timmerman, followed by the Dr. Death climb on Saturday sponsored by the global diseases program.

One of the highlights of the week was the International Bowl quiz competition on geography held on Monday in the Falcon’s Nest, which saw winners bringing home Barnes & Noble gift card prizes. It was a fun-filled night where students sipped on apple cider and munched on cookies while learning about geography and current events and sharing what they already knew about the world.

Before the quiz, students expressed their excitement and anticipation.

“I’m excited about International Week events because they promote cultural awareness,” said Wajeeha Qureshi, a senior biology major.

Some students were ready to add more to their geography knowledge. “I’m looking forward to learning about geography,” said Lauren Nocheck, a junior English and art double major.

Others were ready to share their knowledge. “I like geography, so I’m excited that I get to use my geography [knowledge] that I don’t get to use in other classes,” said Dana Mount, a senior studio art major.

At the end of the quiz, Nocheck, who took third prize, was delightfully surprised at how much she knew. “I knew more than I thought I did,” she said.

First prize winner, Qureshi, expressed her joy at winning, “The competition was intense, and victory feels good!”

The events cover the globe from a multi-disciplinary perspective with the sciences, nursing, social work and global studies programs all pitching in to inform students about the world around them.

Weatherford explained that the week’s events are meant to encourage students to explore the world outside the United States and to become more globally-conscious. She also emphasized taking advantage of the study abroad opportunities offered at Cedar Crest.

“I want more students to know about the world and study abroad opportunities and to take classes that cover international topics,” she said.

The world is connected via military alliances, trade partnerships and general friendship. Any disturbances in that pattern, such as recent events on the world stage (the Arab Spring, the European sovereign-debt crisis, terrorism and threats of war), have a ripple effect on the rest of the world. This is what makes global awareness important for students today according to Weatherford.

For more information on IEW, please visit their website at and
for more information on study abroad opportunities at Cedar Crest contact Dr. Jenny Weatherford at



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