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CCC Students Take Comic-Con by Storm

by Natalia de Jesus Martinez-Colon, Arts and Opinion Editor

For a field trip in my video production class I was able to go to Comic Con in New York at the Javits Center. I was excited because I had never been to one before and I knew it would definitely be an experience that I would enjoy. When I first went into the doors of comic con I was just overwhelmed by so many people. Good thing I am not claustrophobic! There were so many different types of people everywhere and more than half of them were dressed as different characters from comic books, movies, tv shows, and anime. It was like Disneyworld for total geeks.

The first area my little group and I went to was the main floor which featured different panels for video games, comic books, and a whole lot of accessories to buy. It was huge and it was also crowded with a lot of people. At this point I started to notice some of the costumes that people were wearing. Of course there were some not so cool costumes but there were a lot of really awesome ones that I could tell someone spent a lot of time in making. I have to say that the cosplaying was my favorite part of comic con. It was cool to see so many people dress up and take pictures with each other as these characters. I myself dressed up for fun. I figured it would be fun to just dress up since a lot of people do anyway, but beware if you do dress up prepare to take pictures! If people like your costume or character that you are portraying then people would most likely try to take a picture of you or with you. It felt pretty cool to be asked to get a picture taken of me and honestly I did not think a lot people would want to take a picture with me. I felt like a mini celebrity.

At first I was a little nervous to ask other people if they would take a picture with me but after asking a few people I realized that everyone was super nice I did not need to act shy because if you think about it, if someone is going to dress up as a character they are also agreeing to get their picture taken by strangers. Since I am a total geek and know a lot of different characters I was taking pictures with a lot of people. I actually had a list in mind of characters I wanted to take pictures with. One included Psy, the singer of Gangnam Style, and you bet I found him! It was so exciting even though it was just a regular person dressed as him. When looking at all the different cosplayers, I did not see them as people dressing up I saw them as the character they were portraying.

The second best part of comic con was all the different booths to look at. There were all kinds of things that people were selling and advertising such as cameras, digital media schools, superhero t-shirts and accessories, even previews to new books coming out. A lot of these booths offer free swag too! I do not even know how many book previews I got from visiting different publishing companies. I even got two free full books. Talking to the people at the booths also get you free stuff. I got enough free stuff and I did not even talk to all the people behind the booths. So if you do go to a comic con then be sure to bring an empty bag.

One of the things that comic con offers are panels and screenings where comic book artists and different writers talk about different topics like jobs, art techniques, storyboarding, and a whole lot of. I was planning on attending some but I got too preoccupied by walking around. It was hard to keep track of time because there were so many things to see and do. One things that kept me interesting was the just dance 4 and hip hop experience panel. It was a small stage that allowed people in the crowd to get up and dance to one of the two new dancing games. It was so fun to see the different cosplayers dance and be silly. I went up twice and I had a blast. There were a lot of different games to play at comic con but the lines were so long so I did not have a chance to play any. They even had the new Wii U which I wanted to try but I did not want to wait in line for so long. Also I did not want to waste any precious time in line when there was a lot more to see.

In the end comic con was a great experience for me and I definitely want to go next year. Actually I am going to go, I will be sure of it! I think that even if you are not a big geek for comics or games you could still have a great time. Comic con is not just for comic books anymore. It has a variety of different things that I think anyone would be interested in. It is also just fun. Everyone was having a good time being silly and trying new things. I encourage everyone to go at least once just to experience it.


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