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Cedar Crest Athletes Think Pink

By Kristi Young, Staff Writer

This past weekend was Cedar Crest’s Think Pink athletic games, where all the athletes participated in supporting breast cancer awareness.

“Saturday all sports will be wearing pink to support breast cancer awareness”, Lisa McGuirk, athletic director, said. “The athletic department provided all the teams with pink socks and pink shoe laces to help raise awareness.”

Each sport had a different way of celebrating the awareness of breast cancer, though; it was more than just wearing pink.

On Saturday, the cross country team ran in the 5K classic.

“We participated in the women’s 5K classic, the largest of all female timed event in the state. Its only function is to raise money for breast cancer awareness”, Dan Donohue, cross country coach, said.

“It was the 20th anniversary and they raised over $20,000”, Donohue said.

Before the race, there was a parade of survivors of breast cancer. The top ten survivors that participated in the race were later recognized.

Donohue said the girls wore pink socks and pink shoes laces. They had also made their own black and pink shirts.

The field hockey team celebrated breast cancer awareness this past Saturday by wearing pink socks and warm-up shirts and dyeing their hair pink.

More importantly though, “we tried to play for people who directly impacted our lives and everyone who was touched by breast cancer”, Cindy Joseph, head field hockey coach, said.

Joseph also said they kept a whiteboard in their locker room with names of people who directly impacted the girls. The girls played for those people.

There was a lot of incentive to do well on Saturday too. It was not just a conference game; it was important to win to make people aware of the importance and impact of breast cancer.

Putting aside their differences, their opponents also wore pink to help support the cause.

This is not everything that Joseph plans to do. Joseph plans to have a game similar to this one with her lacrosse team in the spring. She wants to get softball involved too and make it a Cedar Crest involvement.


Tennis Saturday wore their pink shoe laces, pink wristbands and pink shirts that said “Nothing but love”.

They supported “people that we knew personally, that had breast cancer”, Rakia Otoo, sophomore, said.

The mood of the games shifted Saturday to help support the cause.

“Our thing has always been ‘fight.’ But on Saturday it was ‘fight’ even harder”, Otoo said.

Even softball this weekend was supporting the cause. Though they did not have an official game, they had a scrimmage; they joined in with the other Cedar Crest athletes.

“We had pink shirts that said ‘Think Pink’ and pink socks”, Bree Coleman, junior psychology and criminal justice major, said.

Coleman also said they went to the field hockey game with pink gear still on. “It was cute because the field hockey referees had pink shirts on.”

To end the night, Cedar Crest held their Hype Night where the Cedar Crest athletes challenged the Platinum Street Ballers. Here the players even supported the cause in raising awareness of breast cancer.

McGuirk was also very enthused because the Cedar Crest players wore the Think Pink and Pack the House shirts during Hype Night.

Cedar Crest is very involved with being aware of breast cancer and helping to raise money. McGuirk said that in February there will be another pink game with basketball and she plans on selling T-shirts there.



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One comment on “Cedar Crest Athletes Think Pink

  1. Theresa Dargis
    October 6, 2014

    To all the girls at cedar crest, I want to thank you all for this support and honored that the field hockey chose me. And for all of us that fight we thank you! Sincerely Theresa Dargis


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