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Cheap Tickets, Good Music

by Kayleigh Keggan, Staff Writer

I am what WZZO would call a “Rockahol- ic”, a person who is addicted to rock music. So it would come as no surprise that when I heard one of my favorite bands was coming into town that I had to go see them on Satur- day October 13.

Crocodile Rock is a relatively small place that is also a bar and has a pizza place out front. The space by the stage to stand is very small and gets packed, but is worth being stuck between a bunch of strangers. The tickets are very cheap and the shows there are definitely worth the price.

There were four bands that performed Saturday night. The opening act called True Becoming was a not very well known band it was local from Pennsylvania. The other two bands who performed between the main acts were Otherwise, a band from Las Vegas and Surrender the Fall a band from Mem- phis, Tennessee. My Darkest Days, the main act at the concert, is a band from Toronto, Canada, discovered by the popular rock group Nickelback, who they have a similar sound to.

Once the curtain went up and True Becoming started, the crowd went wild. A lot of bands don’t sound good in concert because of all the editing done to them, but I believe that these bands all sounded really good, it was like listening to their CD’s!

The reactions from the crowd were that the bands played great and put on a great show! Everyone was very enthusiastic. The best part was when the final act, My Darkest Days came on. The entire crowd went nuts when they started playing. After a few songs the band thanked everyone for coming and walked off stage. Everyone looked around kind of confused and finally one of the people who work sound came on stage and said we had to cheer them on for an encore. Of course everyone started screaming to get them back on stage. The band ended the concert with their hit Porn Star Dancing, from their first album release.

One of the best things about the concert venue is that after the shows the bands stick around and talk to fans. Everyone was very happy to talk and sign autographs for fans. True Becoming was so dedicated to their fans that when one of the guards came over to tell them to wrap it up because the fans had to leave, the lead singer Rich Allen said that he would never rush people out and would take his time talking and signing souvenirs because he thought it was rude to deny a fan a request just because the venue wanted to close. He said this as he was signing my shirt. He then looked at me and told me not to worry about it. He then picked up my shirt and called the rest of the band over and told them to sign the shirt. When they were all done he handed it back to me and said you definitely have the coolest shirt here, no one else got the whole band to sign their shirt. When I went to leave he thanked me again for coming and sticking around. For a fifteen dollar ticket it was money well spent. I saw four great bands and got to talk to great people. All the shows have a great light design to go along with each band, to keep the crowd into it.

To go along with the theme of Breast Can- cer Awareness month, True Becoming had specific shirts made just for this cause to sell while on tour. They didn’t keep any of the money earned off the shirts, they donated the money to breast cancer research.


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