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Coach’s Corner: Tyrone “Ty” Taylor

By Kayleigh Keggan, Staff Writer

This week’s spotlight for athletics is the new head basketball coach Ty Taylor.

With the season starting up, Taylor is very excited about the upcoming season and getting started with practices.

In 1989, he started as a student assistant coach at Misericordia. Throughout the past 23 years he has coached at Haverford College, Harcum College, Cheyne University, and spent last year as an assistant coach at Chestnut Hill College. Taylor has also coached recreation teams, high school, and Amateur Athletic Union, AAU.

“I’m really excited to see how the team plays together, and what Coach Ty has in store for us. Since it is my senior year I’m hoping to go out with a bang,” said Megan DeMutis, a senior guard accounting major.

Taylor played in grade school and tried out for his high school team his freshmen year and was cut. In college, he played junior varsity for a year. Other than basketball, he also played soccer for four years as a full back and goalie.

“The challenges of this season are going to be that miracles aren’t going to happen overnight. There is always going to be tomorrow, things will always get better. No matter how good or bad we play we have to keep a level head and stay positive throughout the year,” said Taylor.

Leading up to the season coach was very excited about getting here, settled in and starting practices. “It’s like Christmas morning, you just can’t wait for it!” he said, “It’s nerve wracking but exciting.”

Taylor feels like he is fitting in very well with the rest of the athletic department, everyone has been very accommodating and open. He hopes to bring all of his professional experience to help promote not only the basketball program but also the school in general and all of the other programs.

Within four years, if not before, Taylor expects that the team makes the playoffs every year and is able to compete with the best teams. Coach Ty stresses that he is very excited about getting started, getting to know everyone, figure out personalities and their talent levels.

When asked about her expectations for the upcoming season, forward and shooting guard, junior nursing major Amber Wehry said “I want the team to be very competitive and to at least make playoffs. It is definitely going be a struggle with our numbers, but I think it is definitely a possibility. We just need to work hard and as a team.”

“I’m really and truly excited about the opportunity to come to Cedar Crest. Once we get the team up and going it’s going to be a great place to be,” said Taylor.

Even with having a shallow bench, Taylor has very high expectations for the season and seasons to come.



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