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A Furry Kind: Mice in the TCC

by Emily Orischak, Staff Writer

Students are concerned about the reports of mice inhabiting the Falcon’s Nest.

The Falcon’s Nest had an unwelcomed visitor earlier this month, when a small crea- ture, later identified as a mouse, was spotted darting along the window pane around 5:30 p.m. on Monday, October 1st.

Sophomore English and political science major Jessica Witkowski was present at the first sighting. A staff member told Witkow- ski and her friends to leave it alone because there was nothing that could be done about it at the moment.

“I didn’t think it was good to have it near the food,” Witkowski said after the incident. Head of dining services, Dean Piacentini declined to comment on the troublesome mice except to reassure students that there have been no problems with mice finding their way into the food.

There have been other reports of mice running through the Tompkins College Cen- ter, including through several offices and the commuter lounge.

Tammy Bean, the director of community service, had an encounter with a mouse in her office last Friday.

“I turned around, saw it, and screamed,” said Bean. “He was climbing up my plants…It ended up disappearing, probably behind the walls.”

Bean has worked in TCC for three years, and this is the first time she has ever come across a mouse in her office.

“I’ve changed how I keep my food,” said Bean. “Seeing one in three years isn’t that bad.”

All the sightings are around the TCC and occur every year during the season transition.

“It is a regular thing come fall,” explained Dave DeBlass, the temporary head of the maintenance department. “I, myself, saw one running down the hall.”

Some students realize and accept this as a normal act of nature, and they continue to dine at the Falcon’s Nest undeterred.

“I think it is just life,” said freshman nursing major Mary Clinton, who spied another mouse running across the Falcon’s Nest this past Tuesday, October 16.

“I grew [up] around bugs and such,” said freshman psychology major Marluane Guz- man. “It’s normal.”

Dozens of students and faculty have spotted the elusive rodents all around TCC, but the maintenance staff is not playing cat- and-mouse.

DeBlass stated, “Between us and Viking [the exterminator], we have up to twenty traps: outside, in the kitchen and in two or three offices. Viking is here once a week and we check the traps every day.”

Although mice are still seen scurrying about, there has been some improvement over the past few weeks, even as the weather shifts to cooler temperatures.

“We’ve taken some out,” DeBlass said a few weeks after the first sighting in the Falcon’s Nest. “It’s getting better.”

With the maintenance staff and exterminators making routine checks and setting traps, the ongoing sightings will soon be finished.


About Emily Baxter

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