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Safety Update After Robbery

by April Conway, Staff Writer

On Sunday, Oct. 7, campus police emailed the Cedar Crest community of an incident that occurred at the bus stop on Hamilton Boulevard just across from the college. A car approached a Cedar Crest student, and the female passenger threatened the student for her valuables with a knife, campus police said.

No injuries occurred, and the Allentown Police were notified, a report was filed, and two arrests have been made, said campus police.

And even though no further comment can be made, students are still wondering if everything will be safe on campus.

Roger Johns, the assistant chief of campus police, stated a simple, “Yes. Definitely safe.”

Most students seem to agree. Several pointed out that because the threat did not occur on campus, it really does not affect it.

Molly Koonz, a sophomore secondary education and English major, said that it did not happen on campus, so campus does not seem any less safe. But it did make her think about her surroundings, even if it is a block off of campus.

Like Koonz, students stated that they became more aware of what they were doing.

“I feel more conscious walking around the surrounding area at night. Like when I walk to Weis,” said Amy Folk, a sophomore double majoring in global studies and Spanish. “But campus is still safe.”

The proximity of Cedar Crest to stores like Weis and Menchie’s makes Folk’s comment very relatable. Most students without a car tend to cross the athletic fields, where there is not much lighting, to get to the Weis shopping center.

To this, Assistant Chief Johns urges students to travel in groups, to try to stay in well lit areas, to try not to be distracted by phones or music, and to contact campus police in the event of any suspicious activity.

However, other changes can be made to the campus as well.

Campus police do everything they can, but one student thinks that it is not about more patrols or the number of policemen available.

Alicia Swigart, a senior chemistry major, said that in her four years at Cedar Crest she has never had a problem with safety. One thing she has noticed is the placement of the blue light emergency boxes.

“They seem to be on the perimeter of the campus, but what about the quad, or behind the TCC? What if I cannot reach one in time?” said Swigart.

Students should not be alarmed or worried about campus safety. Before working as a campus police, Assistant Chief Johns worked with the Allentown Police for 20 years. In that time, he was only called out to Cedar Crest four times, which was mostly for political events.

With that in mind, Cedar Crest’s security will probably stay as it always has—safe.


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