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You’re Over 18…So Vote!

by Victoria Kuebler, Managing Editor

Four years ago was a different story. A senior in high school at age 17, I wasn’t even old enough to vote. An old white man running against a younger black man, history in the making and I couldn’t care less. I thought my voice didn’t matter, I wasn’t old enough to vote and my only political information was from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

Now it’s 2012, I’m 21, my vote matters. I’m paying better attention to the news, debates, and online articles; although Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s political banter still tucks me into bed at night.

Instead of being surrounded by a small population of students able to vote, almost all of my peers are able to vote. But I’ve found just because those who surround me can vote, doesn’t mean they will.

Over the last several weeks, I cannot express how many friends, classmates, and peers have said “Eh, it’s not really my thing. I don’t like to pay attention to politics.”

What? It’s not really your thing? This is your future and regardless if it is your thing or not, it is going to affect you. Remember how you were complaining about student loans? Or how your parents complain about taxes? No one is going to vote for you and no one knows how to vote for you, but you.

It is your right for a reason. As young adults, new to voting, we’re used to not having this right, this ability to have our voices heard. This isn’t just our parent’s responsibility anymore. So if politics just “isn’t your thing”, you should make it your thing and fast.

Don’t make your decision based on charisma and the media. A large shift from the Bush administration to the Obama administration is not the media coverage, but rather the role the presidential candidates are playing in the media. I didn’t see Laura Bush on too many daytime talk shows, where Michelle Obama seems to be the sixth co-host of the View. President Obama has appeared on late night talk shows; whereas George Bush was mostly mocked on them.

Joe Biden is at the top of my “people I want to be my best friend list.” Joe and I, just hanging out on a Friday night, having a couple beers, pulling pranks on people. But that fantasy is strictly based on personality and charisma. And I’m sure that persona displayed by good ol’ Joe is part of the reason he was picked as Obama’s running mate. Me wanting to shoot the breeze with Joe has nothing to do with his political stance.

It may take a little time out of your day, but do the research. Find out what the candidates are really about and how it relates to you. Make your own decisions, follow the debates (even if they do seem full of malarkey), and understand it is your right and resp


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