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Athlete of the Month: Courtney Long

By Kristi Young, Staff Writer

Courtney Long has excelled on the soccer field this season earning her the respect and admiration of her teammates and coaches as well as athlete of the month for October.

As a freshman soccer player this is an outstanding achievement that her teammates and coaches are proud of.

“This is Courtney’s first season at Cedar Crest. Therefore, I think it speaks volumes for her as a player to come in as a freshman and earn player of the month honors in her first season”, said Nicole Pietrobon, Head Soccer Coach.

“She’s a very hard working student athlete who strives to do her best in both her academics and soccer”, said Denny Spingola Sophomore Genetic engineer major.

It seems that Courtney was an obvious choice for October’s athlete of the month.

“Courtney is absolutely a team player. She is our leading scorer and she works extremely hard on the field to score because she knows that is what the team is relying on her to do. Courtney fills a big role as a freshman and has not once thought twice about it; she knows what she is supposed to do and she does it”, Coach Pietrobon said.

Her team is very supportive of her achievements.

“She is always talking to the team with a tone in which people understand what she is trying to explain. I think the team looks up to her because she is doing well in her academics and soccer. The other freshmen go to her to get help with homework and studying”, said Spingola.

Long shared her comments on being athlete of the month for October.

“I feel that I have been working pretty hard this season. This season has been a new experience for me, as I have been playing with new teammates I had not played with in the past. My teammates push me and give me the opportunity to better myself both on and off the field. As a whole, we have pushed ourselves to get closer to our goal: to make a mark in the CSAC. It takes every one of us and my teammates have helped me be my best”, Long said.

Even though Long has achieved so much in such a short amount of time, she still expects a lot from herself and the team.

“I would like to score at least 2 more goals, reaching a total of 10 for the season. In order to do so, I have to continue to work on my touch on the ball and my placement into the net”, Long said.

Even after receiving this award she is more focused on teamwork now than ever. Long stays strong on her ultimate goal of marking in the CSAC.


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