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Halloween: Cedar Crest Style

By Kyungmee Lee, Staff Writer

It’s back! On campus offices will be participating in handing out candy to students for trick or treating on Halloween.

A long standing tradition, participating offices and students are anticipating the coming of this spooky holiday.

“Some students are so creative and crazy about Halloween,” Karen Schoenborn, the assistant director of Academic Services, said. “This is a long standing tradition, and we also enjoy it.”

“I am so excited,” said Angel Calladonato, senior art therapy major, “I have been planning a costume for weeks now, and have convinced a bunch of my friends to come with me.”

So what kinds of costume can you expect to see around campus on Halloween?

“I am so excited because I get to dress up. I will be a cowgirl with Riley, Gredia, and Wendy,” said freshman Vivianna Samite. “With trick or treating on campus I am expecting lots of candies,” she added. She also said that she likes Halloween because she can be dressing up, having fun and going out with friends. “It feels like I am able to be a kid again,” she said.

“I want to be Wonder Woman for Halloween,” Diana Duarte, a junior nursing major said. “I am excited. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I will definitely join the trick-or-treating on campus because I love candies.”

While students are looking forward to receiving delicious treats in the middle of the day, participating offices are looking forward to handing them out.

“It’s wonderful seeing the students enjoying treats and celebration,” Ellen Snyder, the secretary of the Humanities Department, said. “We have had trick-or-treating for many years. With the pumpkin flier, we let students know that we have candies, and we are going to decorate our candy bowl,” Snyder said.

“It’s fun to see students dressing,” said Barb Farley, the administrative assistant of Academic Services.

For some students, it may be the first time celebrating Halloween.

Woo Ri Han, a junior business major, seemed interested. “I’ve never participated in trick-or-treat because there is no Halloween celebration in Korea,” said Woo Ri Han, junior business major. As an exchange student, this will be her first Halloween. “I want to make a special experience in the United States by joining the event,” she added.

Don’t have a costume? Don’t worry. Student who do not dress up are allowed to participate in the event.

There are several offices taking part in this event: the President’s Office, Admis- sions, School of Adult and Graduate Educa- tion (SAGE), Finance Office, Institutional Advancement, Humanities & Communica- tion Department, Vice President for Student Affairs Office, Residence Life, Career Planning, Bookstore, Information Technol- ogy, Academic Services, Registrar’s Office, Health Services, Business Department, and Chemical & Physical Sciences Department.

On campus trick or treating will take place on Wednesday, October 31 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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