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New Website Design Causes Uproar

by Emily Baxter, Web Editor and Staff Writer

Overnight, Cedar Crest College’s website changed drastically without any warning, surprising students and faculty alike.

The new interface went live around 3 PM Tuesday, with some mistakes. “Unpar- alleled” was spelled wrong and the phrase “best stuff and unique things” gave Cedar Crest College a shock.

“If a freshman wrote ‘best stuff and unique things’ in a paper, I would give her a C minus for vague and informal language use,” said Dr. Audrey Ettinger, associate professor of biology.

The new campaign called “unleaSHEd” shows students using lightening and energy to “be bold” or “be smart”. The kicker is that the students shown on the site aren’t even Cedar Crest students and the mistakes of language and misspellings were up until 11 AM the next day. Faculty members especially were confused and disappointed.

“I was distressed that the language and typos were up for that long. I had hoped it was the ‘beta’ that accidentally went live. I’m even more disappointed that the pictures are not of CCC students. When this was first presented to faculty, I asked the branding representative if it would be our students, and I was assured it would be and that these were just prototypes. Imagine how much fun we could have had (and could still have) staging our own images. I do think the unleash potential idea does capture what CCC can do for a student; but let’s capture our students!” said Dr. Amy Reese, associate professor of biology.

Faculty wasn’t the only ones shocked by misspellings and image; students were apprehensive about the new interface.

“It looks like Harry Potter; it doesn’t seem to take us seriously,” said Eva Barrett, fresh- man art and elementary education major.

“It’s a good idea but I’d much rather see Cedar Crest students,” said freshman Brooke Kuminski, a nursing major.

Lincoln Morris, director of admissions, explained the process of selecting models for a photo shoot in New York where the mar- keting firm Elser & Auchone is located. He commented that it would be too expensive to bus Cedar Crest students to New York. It would be “visually appealing” and “grabbing attention” for prospective students with the theme of “strong potential” coming from the orbs of lightening.

“The website and promotional materials are really for incoming students,” said Mor- ris. He added that the promotional materials have been “flying off the tables” at college recruitment fairs.

Morris added that traditional undergrads are the ones targeted in the new “unleaSHEd” campaign. “The idea was to become distinct from other colleges,” said Morris.

The lightening and “balls of energy” gives it a powerful feel, as though Cedar Crest College were dynamic students with the ability to create and do anything.

“Our own talents were showcased and now we have non-students showcasing Ce- dar Crest”, said Sandy Coombe, a senior and administrative assistant for the admissions office. “We sent out postcards to prospective students with the new images.”

Overall, the new interface and images of Cedar Crest’s website is controversial.

Students perhaps might want to see the old website back. Whatever the case, it looks like Cedar Crest College is stuck with the new website and campaign, at least for now.

Quotes contributed by Kristi Young, staff writer


About Emily Baxter

Christian conservative college student living on a liberal campus.

One comment on “New Website Design Causes Uproar

  1. Jenny Weatherford
    October 25, 2012

    I’m glad to know that I wasn’t the only one bothered by “best stuff and unique things.”


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