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Top Five Frightening Games

by Demi Barzana, Columnist

If you are like me you should probably watch the gameplay instead of playing these games yourself, or have a friend play for you! The more the merrier right? Trust me the scare factor doesn’t go down, Don’t take my word for it though , feel free tofind these on YouTube and make your own opinion of it.

Now on to the list! I gave each game a rating on the scary scale from 1-10 with ten being the scariest.To get the full effect of playing one of these games or watching the gameplay on YouTube you need to play it or watch it in the dark. With headphones on.

Fatal Frame II

Fatal Frame II is a survival horror game where the only weapon that you have is… a camera. Yes a camera, which has the ability to take pictures of ghosts and exorcise them. In this game you follow the story of twin sisters who end up walking into a village surrounded by fog. It ends up that everyone died due to a failed ceremony that left the villagers in a ghostly state.

Rating: 10

Only being able to survive this game by taking pictures of ghosts is terrifying enough for me. The whole game is dark and it’s quiet until you hear yourself screaming, thanks to a ghost popping out of nowhere. Sometimes you cannot even see a ghost unless you take out your camera. This is definitely a must if you are a fan of horror video games.

Resident Evil

I can’t have a scary video game list without this classic can I? The first resident evil game is the epitome of scary and it came out in 1996! I actually tried it out assuming that since the graphics are bad it would not faze me. Wrong! In this game the only sound you hear is the footsteps of your character and the camera in the game makes it impossible to see what is behind each corner so you never know what is coming. In Resident Evil you choose between two main characters, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. They each have different skills which affect your gameplay. The plot of this game is to look for your missing partner, which is the character that you did not choose in the beginning, while looking around an eerie looking mansion

Rating: 8

Since this game is not first person and you have weapons to use, it brings down the rating a little. This game is full of jump scares and even though the graphics and acting skills are not great, it is a great game to play in the dark and alone.

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill takes terror to a new level. The most terrifying part of this series is the setting. It is foggy, dark, silent, and unusual stuff everywhere! All the enemies you fight are grotesque and definitely memorable. The story is about a man who finds himself in Silent Hill while searching for his deceased wife. This game is more of a psychological thriller that focuses on puzzles rather than combat. Even the monsters you fight in the game represent some sort of interpretation of your characters subconscious.

Rating: 9

This is also a third-person shooting game like Resident Evil but the difference is there is limited ammo and good weapons are hard to come by. The monsters are hard to look

at and encountering them in the game is frightening.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

This game is definitely not for people who get scared easily like me, because it
can end up with you possibly crying out of fear. This is yet another survival horror game where you have no weapon at all. You just have to hide from the enemies. Not only do you have to deal with no weapons, you have to make sure your characters sanity bar doesn’t go down because if it does he starts seeing hallucinations and monsters can find him easier. The plot follows a man who wakes up in a castle with no memory except for his name. He finds a note written to himself that states that he must kill Baron Alexander.

Rating: 10

Having no weapons, seeing everything in first person, and running away from monsters is traumatic enough. Anyone who has played this has admitted to being scared and for good reason too! If you want a really good scare, try this one out in the dark, and let me know what you think!

Dead Space

Dead Space takes shooter and horror and blends it perfectly. Not only is the setting for this game creepy, the gameplay is pretty hard too. If you are not good at shooting games then you will probably waste all your ammo on a single monster and then have to scavenge for more while being chased by that monster’s friends. The plot follows an engineer who was called to help repair a mining starship only to find it infested with monsters called necromorphs, which are mutated human corpses.

Rating: 10

The dark corriders of a ship, the sounds of necromorphs crawling in the vents around you, and having to go in an elevator without knowing which side is going to open all help make this game a good horror to play. Also I am not a fan of mutated humans so just the thought of having to deal with them popping out at me freak me out. If you play this and happen to not pass out then you might enjoy the even scarier Dead Space 2.


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