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Trick Or Treat For Quick and Cheap

by Jennifer Glose, Business Manager


An intense aroma of pumpkin spice enveloped the air. Scant skeletons and wicked witches dangled about, while sticky spider webs covered every inch of sight. For a moment, I forgot where I was. But, on my journey to find quick-and-cheap ways to trick-or-treat, I finally came upon my trea- sure at Michaels craft store.

I found myself entrapped in this amazing store for what felt like hours: the Halloween displays are incredible! I intently scrutinized each and every section of costumes and crafts, in hopes to gather a great list of ideas for all of you trick-or-treaters.

I came across my favorite section, which is all about duct tape. There are bins and bins of endless duct tape, in all colors and prints, especially a variety for Halloween. They sell large sand buckets for only a dollar, which you can duct tape to make a witch’s hat. I thought this was a brilliant idea. The best thing about this crafty idea is that each roll of duct tape is only $4.99! It sounds to me like you can make a hair-raising Halloween costume for only around $10, just by using a simple thing like tape. And to make it easier, they even sell a how-to book, titled “Stick or Treat–25 Halloween Duct Tape Designs,” for only $9.99.

I then made my way to a gigantic bin of wooden paint-your-own masks. These are adorable, cheap, easy and fun to make. The varieties offered are witches, pumpkins, skeletons, and cats. Michaels even has glow-

in-the-dark T-shirts to wear with your mask for only $7.99. And, you can purchase a Halloween iron-on decal for your shirt for a mere $1.49 to add to the theme of your cos- tume. What a quick, festive, and affordable way to get in the spirit of trick-or-treating!

As I turned to my left, I came upon anoth- er great idea – costume headbands for only $5.99! Scarecrow headbands with braided pony tails or black cat’s ears are just two of the awesome selections. They even have a frilly, orange haired pumpkin wig for only $9.99. To go with the headbands, they have great pumpkin or black satin and fur mini- skirts for only $4.99. With one of your great pairs of shoes, you will be ready to score some trick-or-treat candy in no time!

Finally, there is a huge area in Michaels with mix-matched items that you can put together for your own creation of a costume. If you are feeling like Nicki Minaj this year, you are in luck! The store has neon wigs, especially pink, for only $5.99. If a wig is not your thing, they have hair highlight kits, pink and purple that is, for only $3.49! With some makeup sticks, false eyelashes, and one of your cute outfits and shoes, you will be Nicki Minaj in no time.

So, as the joy of trick-or-treating gets closer, make sure you head out to Michaels Craft Store and stock up on some of their awesome Halloween costume items. Great sales are going on and some of the stuff is as much as 60 percent off! College can really put a dent in your wallet, so why not create a great costume that can help keep your wallet a little fuller, for once!

Happy trick-or-treating!

Nearest Michaels Craft Store: 1911 White- hall Mall (Near Kohl’s) in Whitehall


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