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Graduate School Fair

by Victoria Kuebler, Managing Editor

Career Planning hosted the Graduate School Fair on Tuesday to give students an opportunity to conveniently explore their future.

Thirty four graduate schools were present, each with a table, a school representative and tons of free products including business cards, pens, magnets and applications.

As students entered the TCC, they signed in with Career Planning and were given a brochure and pushed in the direction of a possible future. Students who attended the fair were entered into a raffle to win a free Kaplan Prep course valued up to $2,099. Kaplan also had representatives at the fair.

Students from first years to seniors to SAGE students roamed through the tight maze of tables, talking to schools and making important connections.

“We feel like it is important to show opportunities to the students from different colleges and universities,” said Jenelle Henry, director of Career Planning. “So far from watching the students wander around, so good.”

For some students, the influence came from the chance to gain Falcon Points for their respective sport’s team, but walked away with valuable information nonetheless.

“I think it’s important so you know what classes to take and can find where you want to go,” said Becca Pyontek, a first year chemistry major with forensics concentration and a soccer player.

Pyontek wandered around the fair with another first year student and fellow soccer player, Courtney Long.

“I think it’s important to have a plan to take care of things ahead of time,” said Long, a first year biology student.

Senior students were on more of a mission for free applications and important connections with school representatives.

“It gives you an opportunity for some face time with schools you may be interested in,” said Angel Calladonato, a senior art therapy major. “Having it at [Cedar Crest] also gives you a convenience factor because they come to you.”

With so many schools in one place, the fair gave students the opportunity to directly compare and review schools in person.

“It’s nice because you don’t have to go to the school to find the information,” said Samantha Huey, senior biology major interested in a nutritional biochemistry graduate degree. “You can also find out about schools that you didn’t know had your program.”

With such a high value prize, it was an incentive for students to come out just for a chance to win and learn more about Kaplan.

“I’m interested in the Kaplan information,” said Lindsey Townsend, a senior biology major. “I have to take the MCATs in the spring.”

Students aren’t the only ones who benefit from the fair. It also gives graduate schools a chance to make an impression on potential students.

“We’re here to raise awareness,” said Gary Dologite, a school representative from Moravian College.

If students were not able to attend the fair, there are extra brochures with information from each graduate school in the Career Planning office in the Allen House. Students are also able to schedule an appointment with Henry by emailing

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