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Black Friday Survival Guide

by Victoria Kuebler, Managing Editor

Black Friday. A competition for the best deals in preparation for the holiday season. This one day shopping spree has changed Thanksgiving from a time to get together with friends and family to a carboloading event in preparation for the 100 meter dash to the on sale flat screens.

If Thanksgiving is a day for gratitude and gratefulness, Black Friday is its evil twin brother that brings out the inner need for competition. The fights, arguments and even deaths surrounding on sale toys, video games and clothing makes Black Friday seem like a day covered in materialistic driven hate.

But most people are out looking for presents for family and friends, trying to save a dollar where they can while making the holiday special for as many people in their lives as possible. Otherwise, it may seem like a day completely dedicated to consumer spite.

Here are some tips to score the best deals without getting trampled by angry for Tickle Me Elmo mobs.

  1. Look Online. More stores are starting to offer online deals along with in store deals. Go directly to a store’s website to see if you can find a deal online. Or check out sites like which takes the best deals and puts them in one place for you.
  2. Kill Them With Kindness. Have a lady in front of you with a cart full of toys, 5 kids and her game face on? Don’t challenge her. Your best bet is to let people carry on with themselves and just be polite and carry on with your purchases. Find yourself going for the last of something at the same time as someone else? Just let them have it. The deal probably isn’t that great and I’m sure you’ll find another one later.
  3. Look At The Circulars. Stores send out circulars to advertise their best deals. Sit down with the family after Thanksgiving dinner and look through to compare the stores with the best deals. Plus, if you’re buying toys, kids can point out exactly what they want.
  4. Check Out Less Common Stores. Sure, the day before on Thanksgiving the grocery store may be packed, but on Black Friday they’re usually abandoned and empty. Usually, grocery stores have a small supply of the most common desired Black Friday goods, like small televisions or DVDs.
  5. Make A List And Budget. With so many great deals, it’s easy to buy things you don’t actually need and spend more money than you may have to spend on gifts. Making a list with the prices listed online or in circulars can make it easier to stick to what you need and how much you’re going to spend.
  6. Keep Your Receipts. Even though Black Friday offers a lot of great deals, sometimes better ones come along before gift giving time. It’s important to keep your receipts for an easy exchange. Also, it may not be exactly what the other person wanted. Or they may have gotten two. Carefully file receipts somewhere, not just buried in your purse or somewhere in your car.
  7. Enjoy The Day. Even with the risk of injury, this can be a great bonding experience with friends and family and can create some lasting memories. It can become an after Thanksgiving tradition; just maybe skip the waking up at five in the morning part.




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