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Class Olympics: Senior/First Years Victory

by Kristi Young, Staff Writer

Last week concluded the Class Olympics with the Seniors and First Year Students as the winners.

The Seniors and First Year Students won the Class Olympic Games with 353 points. Not falling too far behind was the Juniors and Sophomores team with 294 points scored.

It was very close throughout the whole competition as to who would win.

The Juniors and Sophomores had the upper hand in winning a lot of the competitions but the Seniors and First Year Students did not give up.

Points are awarded to the teams due to winning events, the amount participants in each event and spectators for a team.

The winner was determined by the most accumulated points from those contributing factors.

“Even though the Juniors and Sophomores won events, the Seniors and First Year students won more points due to participants,” said Head Field Hockey and Lacrosse coach Cindy Joseph, who was the coordinator in the Class Olympic Games.

Wednesday was a big day for the Seniors and First Year students. They had trailed behind the Juniors and Sophomores since the events started.

“Seniors killed in the Biathlon,” said Coach Jo. “The Seniors took first, second, and third place in the Biathlon. They swept the event pushing them to the lead.”

Despite the low numbers on the Junior and Sophomore team, Jen Hallowell a sophomore bio pre-med major, was a big contender and point contributor for their team.

“This is my favorite event that Cedar Crest has for students,” said Hallowell.

Even though the Juniors and Sophomores lost, they still had fun getting out there.

“Despite the lack of players, we all bonded,” Hallowell said.

Compared to previous years, participant numbers have increased.

“Across the board numbers have risen. Evening events were most populated such as Pumpkin Chunkin,” said Coach Jo.

Freshmen team captain, Vivian Samite who joined Class Olympics for the first time this year was very enthused.

“I loved the games, I am super competitive,” Samite said. “I went to every single event.”

The most popular event during the Class Olympics was Glow-n-Dark Frisbee. This was a new addition that took off exceedingly well. The amounts of participants were high and were a favored event by many.

“Glow-n-Dark Frisbee was my favorite event,” said Samite.

“Keep Glow-n-Dark Frisbee for next year,” said Hallowell.

With the high number of participants and verbal feedback Coach Jo is receiving from Glow-n-Dark Frisbee it is going to stay as a new event in the Class Olympic Games.

Even though the Seniors and First Year Students won, it was not easy for them. They were trailing behind for quite some time. Once they took the lead they held on to it working really hard to keep it.

After the Seniors and First Year students team won they were nothing but gracious to the other team for the good fight they put up.

“Great effort by the other team, they put up a great fight,” said Samite.

For those of the students that did not participate this year it is recommended by students to go get out there next year and help win points for your team.

“Most definitely do it next year, it’s only thirty minutes, short ,quick and fun,” said Samite.


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