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High Hopes for Basketball Season

by Kristi Young and Emily Orischak, Staff Writers

This week, the basketball team has its first game of the season and the expectations are high.

Coming into this season, new faces can be seen running around the court. The ultimate goal for both old and new players is to win more than fifty percent of their home games.

“We want to over 500 at home,” said Gabrielle Gibson, a freshmen business major who is the team’s point guard.  “This is a good goal because we have many home games.”

In addition to doing well at home games, “the ultimate team goal is to instill confidence and competiveness in the program,” said head basketball coach, Ty Taylor.

The players have their own personal goals going beyond just winning.

“My goal is to stay healthy. There are only 9 girls and it’s crucial to all be there,” said Gibson.

If one member of the team was to sit out due to injury, there would be no team.

Despite the lack of players this year, the team is building chemistry. The chemistry isn’t fully there yet but, “chemistry comes over time,” said Coach Taylor.

The willingness of the players will allow the bonds to form more quickly.  Gibson said, “Everyone is very nice, and being a freshman, they’re all accepting.”

“Although we are short on numbers, I am anxious to see how we will work together as a team as we get to know each other better throughout the season,” said Megan DeMutis, a senior accounting major.

This season will be the last for DeMutis, because she is graduating this spring. She has been a part of the team since she was an incoming freshman. Wins and losses, DeMutis has seen it all, but these past three years have taken a toll. Now, with a new coach for her last season, things are picking up for DeMutis.

“It’s exciting to be starting over with someone new,” said DeMurtis, who is looking forward to learning from the new coach. “I was getting kind of burnt out.”

“I’m really excited for my last season ever,” said DeMutis. “Even though it’s my fourth year, I’m still really nervous for our first game.”

Today, Nov. 15, the fans will witness the team in action for the first time this season.

“If everyone shows up and plays hard, we could win,” said Gibson.

“I don’t expect a perfect game, but we will be prepared,” said Coach Taylor.

The early morning practices, ranging from two to three hours, help to prepare the players for the upcoming season.

As this season unravels, the players and the coach hope to see the bleachers filled with enthusiastic fans cheering them on.

“We want to see support at home this year,” said Coach Taylor.

The stands will be open this Thursday for fans to come out and cheer on their fellow Falcons as they head out to start the season off with a win.



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