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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Once Upon a Time…There was an Epic TV Series

by Emily Baxter, Web Editor

I’m not exactly the typical TV or movie watcher. But I do make an exception for ABC’s “Once Upon a Time.” If fairy tales taking a modern twist written by the creative genius of the writers and creators of “LOST” interests you, then “Once Upon a Time” is definitely a show to add to your list.

After the pilot episode of “Once Upon a Time,” I was hooked. Who doesn’t want to know about an evil queen (from Snow White’s tale) who is cursing everyone in the Enchanted Forest to our world or about fairytale characters who have lost their memories of who they were while living in our world?

Regina, the Evil Queen, wants to take revenge on Snow White and Prince Charming on their wedding day. After all, Regina does not get a happy ending like Snow White. Where is the fairness in that? Regina creates the town of Storybrooke with herself as mayor, and Snow White loses her memory of being Snow White. In the midst of all of this, Snow White and Prince Charming have a baby girl called Emma.

Emma returns to Storybrooke as a 28-year-old skeptic because of her son, Henry, whom she gave up for adoption ten years prior. Henry believes that his adopted mom—Regina—is the Evil Queen from Snow White’s tale! Throughout the first season, Emma does not truly trust in Henry’s beliefs until Henry dies by way of Regina. Emma kisses him on the forehead in the hospital and the spell is broken—Henry is alive! Amongst this, Rumpelstiltskin does something unthinkable; he introduces magic into our world.

Why did Mr. Gold aka Rumpelstiltskin introduce magic into our world? “Magic is power,” says a being known as the Dark One. Now Regina has her powers back just as Rumpelstiltskin does. The series is only up to season two, episode six of the tale of Storybrooke, but it keeps getting more interesting.

Thankfully, the creators and writers came up with a way to present the story of the Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke in the same episode. Storybrooke is set in present day, and the Enchanted Forest is set before the curse happened. In season two, there’s an added element: the Enchanted Forest in its present day.

Fairy tales in “Once Upon a Time” are not presented to us as we remember them from our childhood. There are some added elements to the series, probably because Disney owns ABC. It’s neat to see Gaston or Mulan appear in an episode.

There’s something for everyone. Do not let its reliance on fairytales turn you off. You’ll be surprised at what comes out of this series.

“Once Upon a Time” airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.



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