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WEB EXCLUSIVE: The Rich Kids of Instagram

by Melody Nyoni, Staff Writer

“They have more money than you and this is what they do,” is the tag line to the popular Tumblr blog titled: Rich Kids of Instagram (RKOI).

The blog features photos harvested from the photo-sharing website Instagram, with young people sharing their opulent lives.

Receipts of six-figure restaurant bills, expensive champagne flowing, Rolex watches, diamonds, Christian Loboutins, appointments with famous designers, trust fund checks, trips to St. Tropez on private jets, yachts to exotic places, vacations on private islands and Aston Martins galore, all litter the screen.

In an interview with CNN’s Heather Kelly, the anonymous founders of the blog said the blog was formed on July 13, 2012.

“A few glasses of wine and some misspelled Instagram searches led to its creation,” said the founders.

The hash tags under the photos are what made them easier to find on a search. Just by entering keywords ‘private jet’ in an Instagram search provides hundreds of photos for the bloggers to work with. Other ‘kids’ have even begun including “rkoi’ on photos, in order to make it easier to be found and featured on the site.

Reactions from the youth featured on the blog, have ranged from asking the blog to remove their pictures in embarrassment to embracing it as a platform to widen their fame. Reality TV shows are on the horizon.

Since the advent of reality shows, the public has been fascinated with the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Shows such as Kim Kardashian’s ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, Tinsley Mortimer’s ‘High Society’ and Paris Hilton’s ‘Simple Life’, have all gained immense popularity.

Stars of these shows tend to be famous for being socialites and heiresses, who name drop other rich and famous people, intermingle at lavish parties and shop at exclusive stores.

This trend of the wealthy freely sharing their lives is not always popular among the rich themselves.

In 2009, Bravo launched a reality show featuring wealthy New York prep school kids, called “NYC Prep”. The prep schools featured refused to allow the show to gravitate around them and sent letters to students and parents dismissing whatever would be portrayed on the show as an exaggeration or falsity. It only lasted one season and was panned as a caricature of the popular show “Gossip Girl”.

Shows such as “Gossip Girl” and “90210” are popular in the young adult demographic. Their storylines are centered on young people, based in wealthy New York City’s Upper East Side and Los Angeles’ Beverly Hills respectively. The glamor, wealth and sparkle all make for interesting viewing for audiences. As a fictional representation, they are more palatable to viewers in the current economy.

The future of the blog remains to be seen. The bloggers told CNN they intend to continue to posting “as long as there is opulence to post.” For now the general public gets a front seat view of life in the fast lane.


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