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CCC Cheerleaders Pump Up The Pep

by Kayleigh Keggan, Staff Writer

Being out on the court or field, hearing parents and fans cheering you on while you’re winning or losing is always a great feeling. What’s even better is having a group of people from your own school being at your event supporting you through it all, no matter what.

This is exactly what the cheerleading squad does for sports teams. They are there to support teams through everything and make them feel good even when they are down by twenty. Cheerleaders are important to the school to keep everyone’s spirits up.

“I think it is important to have cheerleading at the school for several reasons. It allows to individuals to have a chance to do something different on campus and, believe it or not, not many people know there is cheerleading on this campus. It is important to support the other sports teams for their own hard work and time spent on the court or even on the field,” said Sara Barscheski, a senior cheerleader majoring in psychology and minoring in criminal justice with a certificate in child welfare.

Although cheerleaders might be over looked, athletes feel like it is important to have cheerleaders. Not only does it add to the crowd, but it helps keep fans hyped for the event. “It is a seriously physical sport, and it is demanding; however, it is so fun and I enjoy every second while being there,” stated Barscheski.

While fans criticize the teams that aren’t playing up to their potential, the cheerleading squad shows a lot of school spirit. When the teams are doing well, it can really help win the games.

“I feel that our cheers help to pump up the crowd and helps to make them proud of our ladies, and it definitively helps that our squad gets so into the games and just encouraging our players,” said Joellyn Colangelo, a Junior majoring in conservation biology.

Athletes and cheerleaders go through a lot of practice. Everyone must rely on their teammates to have their backs and do their jobs, and this sport is no exception to that. Hard work in practices pays off.

Leah Taschner, a junior nursing major minoring in psychology, said, “A lot goes in to this sport. You have to learn to work as a team because cheerleading is very much a team sport. You need to trust each other. This sport requires a lot of dedication, because if one person isn’t there, we can’t get much done.”

The whole squad agrees that they are all very close and determined to work hard and have fun together just like every other team here on campus.

Barscheski said, “The best part of being in cheerleading, I would have to say, are the girls who volunteer their time to be there. We get along so well that I see them all as good friends and teammates.”

On the field, the cheerleading squad helps keep our school spirit up, help keep the fans focused on the game, and makes the athletes feel more important. Even though everyone overlooks what these ladies do, they bring the school closer together and bring tons of spirit for the game.






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