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Movie Review: Les Miserables

Corinne Rivero, Staff Writer

“I Dreamed a Dream” that I would enjoy hearing my favorite Broadway tunes while watching Hollywood’s finest actors interpret Victor Hugo’s literary masterpiece on screen. Instead, I left the theater completely “le-miserable.” Not even the original French Revolution lasted as long as this 158 minute musical mess. This movie was so long that I could have brought a night light and actually read all 1,260 pages of the original novel…in French!


Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. Despite an A-list cast, brilliant cinematography, and wonderful music, the film was just way too long. If only someone in the editing department was aware that the movie-going crowd enjoys more of a Cliff Notes version of the plot instead of a word-for-word interpretation of endless songs. The parade of never-ending scenes make the audience members wish they had the magical remote from Adam Sandler’s “Click.” Fast foward, sil vous plait!


On a positive note, the cast was full of “Lovely Ladies” such as Amanda Seyfried and Samantha Barks, but it was Anne Hathaway who was the true piece de resistance. Anne Hathaway’s performance as Fantine moved me to tears. The audience cannot help but feel compassion for Fantine’s unjust circumstance as she falls into the vulgar bowels of the cruel streets.


Then there is Russell Crowe. My question to Russell is, “Do You Hear the People Sing?” He definitely needs to listen to fellow cast members so that he can learn some techniques to improve his voice. He may have pulled off his role as a gladiator, but he still has much to research in order to pull off his role as a singer. Whoever signed him on this project must have been living in a “Castle on a Cloud”!


“At the End of the Day” the first 45 minutes of this film were enjoyable. There are many scenes with wonderful songs and great acting. The issue is not the quality but the quantity. Wait for the DVD to be released and then you can use your remote to fast forward to the grand finale so that you don’t have to spend “One Day More” waiting for the end of this film!


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