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Moving from ‘the Office’ to her Own ‘Project’

Victoria Kuebler, Managing Editor

After leaving “The Office” as beloved customer service representative Kelly Kapoor, Mindy Kaling created her own spunky show, playing character Mindy Lahiri, on “The Mindy Project.”

The show follows Lahiri, a relatable young OB-GYN, balancing her personal and professional lives while surrounded by a collection of quirky characters, facing familiar yet unpredictable situations.

Kaling has created a show representing young, working women which proves women can be just as funny as men. With a hilarious supporting cast, the main storyline completely surrounds Lahiri. In a current television market full of multiple main character storylines, it is refreshing to have a show that focuses entirely on a female lead. It is female empowerment for a current generation of media consumed 20-something-year-old young ladies with a surprising amount of time to watch television.

The show takes creative twists on classic story plots, while also savoring traditional television female relationships. Lahiri’s best friend Gwen Grandy, played by Anna Camp, is basically her lifeline. Receptionists Betsy Putch, played by Zoe Jarman, and Shauna Dicanio, played by Amanda Setton, are Lahiri’s at-work cheering squad, enforcing a “Girl Power” attitude in the work place. Every viewer can visibly notice the sweet crush between fellow OB-GYN Danny Castellano, played by Chris Messina, and Lahiri, despite their mutual stubbornness and sarcastic comments towards one another. Not to mention the hilarious dating and relationship squanders Lahiri faces.

It is nice to see the surrounding support of Kaling’s new project from former cast members and friends. Ed Helms from “The Office” and Seth Meyers and Bill Hader from Saturday Night Live all make short-stinted appearances as Lahiri’s present and former love interests.

This review would not be complete if there were no mention of car-thief turned nurse Morgan Tookers, played by Ike Barinholtz, from MadTV. I would trust no other reformed criminal health care professional with my life. Have you seen anyone else bring a duffle bag to the club or a bottle of wine in a used plastic Coke bottle to Thanksgiving dinner? I didn’t think so. His socially inappropriate comments truly show the quirkiness behind the writing staff.

Along with the creation of Tookers, the writers produce interesting, sensitive storylines but not without comedic charm. So far this season, storylines have included teenage sex, cheating boyfriends, and brushes with the law. And not to mention information on how to handle situations when you somewhat accidentally seem to just have hot sex with attractive British co-worker Jeremy Reed, played by Ed Weeks.

After watching a few weeks of “The Mindy Project,” you will want Lahiri to be your best friend. To perfectly put this show into words, it is metaphorically the best non-fat chocolate to comfort you when you’re in need some emotional support, but it is through laughing rather than through calories. It is also a girl’s night out without having to change out of your sweatpants and leave the couch. And it’s probably the best glass of wine you’re ever going to have, but again without the calories or inebriation.

“The Mindy Project” proves that women can be intelligent, funny, have curves and still rock out in a pair of heels while demanding everyone’s attention.

“The Mindy Project” airs on Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.


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