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No License? Not a Problem

Emily Orishack, Opinions Editor

This coming Saturday is going to be a momentous occasion for me. It is the day I will go to take my driver’s test and hopeful- ly receive my license.

Unlike many of my friends in high school, I was not interested or persistent in getting my driver’s license. The place where I worked was a 15 minute walk from my school, and my parents were able to drive me to the places I needed to go.

I continue to work at my job back home while at college, and my now retired father comes to pick me up every weekend so there is no need for me to get my license other than saving two trips a week. There are many other students who are in the same boat: no license or no car. But with a strip mall across the street, a bus stop around the corner, and now weekend shuttles available on campus, who really needs driver’s license?

Jessyca Tompkins-Morgan, my roommate and a freshman nursing major, does not have her license and is able to return home on the weekend. She lives only 20 minutes away and is able to have her mother pick her up from campus.

Anastasia von Thaden, a freshman forensic biology major, is legally able to drive but chooses not to. She walks to Weis when she needs some groceries and has no need to go anywhere far from campus.

While the shopping mall across the street offers some amenities, there are some places that are not within walking distance for students.

This past weekend, the Office of Student Activities offered weekend shuttle services to a few local malls and stores as part of the new Weekendpalooza.

Now, if students need to go to Target to purchase some home furnishings for their dorm or to the mall to buy a new pair of jeans, they can take the shuttle.

No car insurance I need to pay for; no gas I need to pump into the car.

Once I take my driver’s test and eventually become a legal driver I may feel differently, but as for now, being license-less isn’t much of a problem.


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This entry was posted on January 23, 2013 by in Opinion.
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